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Clark Elementary Students Learn About Fire Safety


(LeMars) — The Kindergarten students from Clark Elementary got the chance to do what most youngsters that age only dream about doing…ride in a fire truck. 

 It’s all part of the education efforts promoting fire safety during October Fire Prevention Month. The 25 students of Mrs. Reeves class were wide-eyed when Fire Chief Dave Schipper allowed each one the opportunity to hold a three and a half inch fire hose equipped with the nozzle attached.  The hose wasn’t charged and no water was used, but its certain by the looks of their excited faces, many of the Kindergarten children were imagining they were fighting a hot blaze.  In addition to the water hose, Schipper showed the students some of the other tools fire fighters use to combat fires, including an axe, and the protective gear that must be worn.  Schipper emphasized to the students never to be afraid of a fire official dressed in the coat, gloves, oxygen mask, and helmet. The students were asked by Schipper what they should do if they ever hear a fire alarm?  In unision, the 25 students shouted from the top of their lungs “Get Out!”.  The students were given instructions of some fire safety basics including: “Stop, Drop, and Roll” and “Never play with matches”.  Schipper says the LeMars Fire Department will be educating nearly 500 students from each of the elementary schools about fire safety before the month is finished.  The LeMars Fire Department took the students back to Clark Elementary school by giving all of them a ride in the Rescue Truck, complete with lights flashing.