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Healthy Holiday Eating Without Depriving Yourself


(Le Mars) — What’s that statistic?  The average American gains 7-10 pounds

between Thanksgiving and Christmas?  Don’t be a part of the statistic, there are

ways to enjoy your favorite holiday foods, without packing on so many pounds.

Here’s some tips from Tonya Huenink, registered dietician with Le Mars Hy-Vee, regarding how to

make holiday eating a little healthier.  Before you go grocery shopping for the big meal this week,

Huenink says to consider some ingredient substitutions that no one will notice.

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Another way to get more out of your foods and save on sodium is to use fresh


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Huenink says one of her favorite substitutions is Greek Yogurt in exchange for

sour cream or mayonnaise.

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Greek Yogurt is not only fat free, but it adds protein to the recipe, which

helps make you feel more full.  In regards to baking, you can substitute half your oil or butter with

unsweetend applesauce.  Huenink says you can also reduce sugar by a quarter without anyone




(Le Mars) — Whose not guilty of standing by the food table and grazing all night long?   Tonya

Huenink, registered dietician with Le Mars Hy-Vee, suggests in preparing for

such a party to eat BEFORE you go! She says not to save up the calories by

skipping meals.

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Another way to not tip the scale at a holiday party is to survey all the options

before you start filling your plate.  Huenink explains…

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Two final thoughts on holiday party eating…share!  Potluck portions should be

smaller.  If you only want a taste of a dessert, cut it in half.  Some one is

bound to grab the other portion.  Finally, get your treats and walk away from

the food table.  Strike up conversation on the other side of the room instead of

hovering over the goodies.


(Le Mars) — We continue our tips for healthy holiday eating with another

tip for watching the calories at holiday gatherings.  Fun with family and

friends this time of year often involves beverages that we don’t normally

consume.  Before you sip on that ice cream drink or egg nog, Tonya Huenink,

registered dietician with Le Mars Hy-Vee, says to keep in mind that just because

it’s a beverage, doesn’t mean it’s calorie free.

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(Le Mars) — Here’s a re-cap of a few of the tips. 

Substitute a few ingredients here and there to make a recipe a little better for

you: use low sodium cream of mushroom soup in the green bean casserole, or Greek

yogurt instead of sour cream in your veggie dip.  When baking, substitute half

the butter or oil with applesauce and cut down your sugar, nobody will ever

know.  When heading to your a holiday party, don’t show up starving.  Eat a high

fiber breakfast that morning, and a snack before you go.  Also, be mindful of

high calorie holiday drinks like egg nog, or anything ice cream based.  Opt for

a glass of wine and save yourself about 200 calories!

Huenink says that regardless of whether or not you eat yourself silly this

Thanksgiving and throughout the holiday season, the best thing to do is move on

the next day and get some exercise.

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And hey, don’t worry about waiting for the close parking spot…park far away

and walk yourself to the after-Thanksgiving sale!