“The Woman in Black” Opens this Weekend at LCT


(Le Mars) — A two man show called “The Woman in Black,” is the latest show opening this weekend at the Postal Playhouse.

Two men in a show called “The Woman in Black?”  How does that work, you ask?  Well, it’s a ghost story

that has a lot of twists and turns and to find out who this Woman in Black is, you have to

see it to understand. 

The story is really a play within a play.  Actor Andrew Linn explains.

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Linn, who has been involved with a handful of shows at the Postal Playhouse over the

years, says “The Woman in Black” is not like any other “ghost story” script he’s ever


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The haunted man is being played by Dan Casey, who has been involved in recent productions

at the theater, including their last show “A Month of Sundays.”  Casey’s role has multiple

characters wrapped into it, with 15 character changes in the first act alone.  He said it

really made him have to stretch himself as an actor.

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The guys are also tackling English accents for this show, adding another level of

difficulty for them, but making it easier for the audience to distinguish Dan’s multiple


In addition to the two lead actors, Dan Casey says “The Woman in Black” features many

special effects and uniquely utilizes the new light system recently installed at The

Postal Playhouse.

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“The Woman in Black” opens this Friday, the 20th at the Postal Playhouse and runs Saturday

and Sunday, as well as next weekend Thursday the 26th – Sunday the 29th of September. 

Performances begin at 7:30pm with Sunday matinees at 2pm.  Reservations for this thriller

can be made by calling 546-5788.