Rescue Units Train For Water Related Emergencies


(Le Mars) — Imagine you are ice fishing on your favorite farm pond or area lake.  You think the ice is solid enough to support your weight, but you hear the cracking beneath your feet.  You begin to tip-toe your way on the frozen water, then without warning, the ice collapses causing you to fall into the freezing water.  The Plymouth County Rescue and Recovery Divers team is prepared for such an incident.  Last evening, the Rescue and Recovery divers, along with the Le Mars Fire and Rescue Department, rehearsed such water rescues.  The training session was held at the Le Mars Municipal Park Pond.  Pat Hiessel serves as the captain for the water rescue unit.  He says it is important the county’s rescue and dive  team practice such scenarios.

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The unit consists of eleven volunteers under the direction of the Plymouth County Sheriff’s office.  Heissel says last evening’s training session did not actually have anyone in the water.

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Heissel says the rescue dive team is well equipped for any type of either ice or water rescue emergency.

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Fortunately, the county Rescue and Recovery Divers have only had a few incidents in Plymouth County.  However, Heissel says they have been called upon to help with water rescue operations in other counties.

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photos contributed by Le Mars Fire Department