Graduation Day! (Updated)


(Le Mars) — Both of the Le Mars schools celebrated senior graduation on Sunday.  At Gehlen Catholic, a total of 49 students received their diplomas, while later across town, 138 seniors from Le Mars Community had participated in commencement excerises. 

Gehlen Catholic’s speaker was a former student who went on to work in Hollywood in both television and movies.  Paul Rust is now a writer and actor for comedic roles.  Rust offered the advice to the seniors to hold onto their graduation cap, because it will give the appearance of knowledge and scholar achievement, and you will be able to win arguments.

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The former Gehlen student reminded the graduating class to try to be prepared, because life will always throw those tests at you for which you did not study.

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The writer/actor did offer some advice to the Gehlen and Spalding graduating seniors that consisted of five words.

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Rust clarified his position about being scared.

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The former class clown says when an individual is scared it means you are venturing out into new territory, unfamiliar ground, the unknown. He says being scared is a form of learning.

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Rust says he often times reflects upon his upbringing in Le Mars and attending Gehlen Catholic High School.  He told the graduating seniors that they already have a leg up on many people because of the caring spirit from the people of Le Mars.



At the Le Mars Community High School graduation ceremonies,  the valedictorians were the speakers. Erin Connor was first to address her classmates and asked when was it they first discovered their passion? 

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The future Iowa State University student offered the advice to live the life you want to live.

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Connor told her classmates that everyone has the capacity for greatness. She ordered the class of 2014 to be great, no matter what the calling.  Adam Freidenbach is planning to attend the University of Nebraska.  He reflected back on the 13 years of schooling at Le Mars Community.  Freidenbach told of how in high school, students were able to arrange their classroom schedule based on their interests.

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During Kennedy Rolfes speech she said when we was five, people asked what is it she wanted to be when she grows up.  Kennedy says her answer at the time was to be a queen.  Five years later, when the same question was asked, she said she would like to be a backup singer to Brittany Spears.  However, Rolfes suggested to her fellow classmates not to worry when people ask the question, “what do you want to do for your career”?

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Rolfes says some day in the future, when people ask that same question, you will have the right answer.

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A.J. Schroeder says this time in a senior’s life its important to thank your family for offering assistance and support.

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The future University of Illinois eningeer also mentioned to thank your friends, and teachers.

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