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Harvest Nears Completion


(Le Mars) — Plymouth County farmers are making great progress towards finishing this year’s harvest.  Jerry Wendt who farms west of Le Mars was just one of many farmers harvesting corn this weekend.  Wendt says the harvest has produced some decent yield returns.

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Earlier this year, many farmers had reported wetter than normal corn as a result of the late maturing crop.  However, Wendt reports most of his corn moisture level is low enough that he can store his grain without any artificial drying methods.

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Wendt says he probably farms a bit different than most Plymouth County farmers in the fact that he harvests his wet corn first.  He also says he has noticed more stalk diseases this year.

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Although yields appear to be doing well this year, farmers like Wendt, are facing commodity prices at nearly half the value from last year.  Wendt admits it may be difficult to budget for next year’s expenses.

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Many farmers have indicated they believe they will finish with harvest within the next few days.  Iowa State University Extension Crops Specialist, Joel DeJong, estimates the soybean harvest to be more than 90 percent finished, and the county corn harvest is at 75 percent completed.