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Monday Afternoon News, March 30


Auditions Begin For “Calendar Girls” Community Theater Play

(Le Mars) — Auditions for “Calendar Girls”, the second show of the season for the Le Mars Community Theater are scheduled for both tonight and Tuesday evening, beginning at 7:00 p.m. at the Postal Playhouse.  Performance dates are scheduled for the end of May through early June.  Danna Schuster will be the director for the play and explains the story-line that takes place in England.

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Schuster says there won’t actually be any nudity involved with the play, but it will provide for some comical moments.

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Schuster says she needs 13 people, four men and nine women, for the cast.

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Auditions are scheduled for both tonight and Tuesday evening at the Postal Playhouse, and Schuster explains what to expect.

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For a copy of the script, or for additional information, you can contact Danna Schuster at phone number 540-2532.



Questions Relating To Law Enforcement Agencies Purchases Using Drug Seized Money

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) – Questions are being raised about some purchases by Iowa law enforcement agencies using money seized under state and federal civil forfeiture laws passed to help fight the scourge of illicit drugs.

The money is supposed to be spent on enhancing law enforcement and crime fighting capabilities, not on items that normally would be covered by departmental budgets.

Among the purchases reported by the Register: scented candles, mulch and tropical fish; sewer and water bills; a $27,000 sport utility vehicle for a county prosecutor; respirators for firefighters.

Former Cass County Attorney Daniel Feistner says his office used forfeiture money to buy the scented candles in 2013. He says the candles helped mask unpleasant body odors from some people visiting the office.



Branstad And Reynolds Attend STEM Summit

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) – Gov. Terry Branstad is appearing at the fourth annual summit devoted to STEM education in Iowa.

Branstad on Monday stressed the importance of teaching kids about science, technology, engineering and math. The daylong event at a downtown Des Moines convention center features talks on teaching and job creation efforts around the state. It was put on by a STEM advisory group appointed by the governor.

Branstad says Iowa students “must be equipped with a 21st Century education.”

Branstad and Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds have made enhancing STEM learning a top education priority. Reynolds says STEM education creates new opportunities for students.



O’Malley Visits Iowa Says The Country Doesn’t Need Another Clinton Or Bush For President

WASHINGTON (AP) – Potential Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley says the country needs new perspectives, and he’s criticizing the prospects of another Clinton and Bush seeking the White House again.

The former Maryland governor tells ABC’s “This Week” that the presidency is “not some crown to be passed between two families.”

He also questions whether former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton would take on special interests.

Clinton is a likely presidential candidate and would be the strong favorite for the Democratic nomination.

O’Malley recently came to Iowa. He says he’ll decide this spring whether he’ll run.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush also recently visited Iowa.



Quarterly Hog Report Shows A 7 Percent Increase

WASHINGTON – As of March 1, there were 65.9 million hogs and pigs on U.S. farms, up 7 percent from March 2014, but down slightly from December 1, 2014, according to the Quarterly Hogs and Pigs report published today by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).

Other key findings in the report were:

Of the 65.9 million hogs and pigs, 60.0 million were market hogs, while 5.98 million were kept for breeding.

Between December 2014 and February 2015, 28.8 million pigs were weaned on U.S. farms, up 9 percent from the same time period one year earlier.

From December 2014 through February 2015, U.S. hog and pig producers weaned an average of 10.17 pigs per litter.

U.S. hog producers intend to have 2.87 million sows farrow between March and May 2015, and 2.93 million sows farrow between June and August 2015.

Iowa hog producers accounted for the largest inventory among the states, at 20.4 million head. North Carolina and Minnesota had the second and third largest inventories with 8.40 million and 7.85 million head, respectively.


Empty Prison

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) – A public record shows that Iowa’s new prison for male offenders wasn’t expected to be fully operational until fall 2015 even before workers discovered the latest delay-causing problem.
An extension signed by the Department of Corrections with a contractor in June 2014 said that occupancy of the Iowa State Penitentiary in Fort Madison would be “completed in the fall of 2015.”
The next month, testing found that smoke evacuation systems in the inmate housing units were flawed. Workers are trying to bring the buildings up to the fire code.
Corrections’ deputy director Brad Hier said the fall 2015 date was a conservative ballpark estimate and no longer has relevance. He says the department hopes to open the prison as soon as it’s safe, which could still be sometime this year.