Le Mars Fire Fighter Collects Shirts To Raise Awareness Of Cancer


(Le Mars) — A retired Le Mars fire fighter is collecting t-shirts from other fire departments across the country in an effort to call attention to his battle with cancer.  Doug Harms retired from the Le Mars Fire Department last year due to health issues relating to his heart.  Since that time, he has also been diagnosed as having cancer in his neck and throat. Harms’ girlfriend had the idea to send a message on Facebook social media asking for the t-shirts as a way to help boost his morale.

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Harms says he is receiving other items in addition to the t-shirts.

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Harms says several t-shirts have come from Iowa fire departments, and he says Le Mars Fire Chief Dave Schipper helped by spreading the word of Harms condition.  Harms served the Le Mars Fire Department for 27 years and was promoted to the rank of Captain before his retirement.  In addition, he was a fire fighter for the 185th Iowa Air National Guard. Harms talks about the heart condition that forced him into retirement.

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Shortly, there after is when the former fire fighter was diagnosed with cancer.

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This past Sunday a benefit auction was held in Harm’s honor.  He says people have been very generous.

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Harms says more than $10,000 was raised during Sunday’s benefit auction.  His fellow fire fighters plan to hold a benefit scheduled for Wednesday, July 22nd at the Le Mars Fire Station Number 1.  Harms receives both chemotherapy and radiation for his cancer, and doctors are saying to him they feel confident he will be cancer free and will make a full recovery.  Harms says it is not within his character to request help.  He would rather be the person helping others.