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Thursday News, July 2


Presidential Candidate Rand Paul Promotes Flat Fair Tax

(Le Mars) — Republican Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is making a campaign swing through northwest Iowa.  Paul is seeking the republican party nomination for president.  He made a stop at KLEM to discuss his idea promoting a flat fair tax.  Paul says both the republicans and the democrats have done a poor job of handling the nation’s finances.

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Paul says the current tax code is too complex, costing millions of people additional money that could be better spent.  He says a fair and flat tax will make life a lot simpler.  Paul also contends the current tax policy is driving American businesses to relocate to other nations.

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The Kentucky Senator says America is spending beyond its fiscal means with a growing debt passing $17 trillion dollars.  He says he has a plan how the nation can begin to shrink the debt, and balance it’s budget.

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Prior to entering the world of politics, Paul had been an eye doctor.  He says the Affordable Health Care Act, also known as Obamacare, needs to offer cheap insurance for policy holders.

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He says he would encourage families to open a flexible medical savings account which would help with rising health costs.




DNR Investigates Manure Spill At Plymouth Dairy

(Le Mars) — The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is investigating a manure spill at Plymouth Dairy on Wednesday.  Authorities discovered shortly after 7:00 a.m. that manure was flowing around a settling basin.  An investigation showed the line might have been plugged due to an electrical outage in the early morning.  An unknown amount of manure flowed into an unnamed tributary of Plymouth Creek.  Plymouth Dairy built three dams to keep the manure from going farther downstream.  No fish kill had been reported by Wednesday afternoon.




Fire Department Issues June Report

(Le Mars) — The Le Mars Fire and Rescue Department responded to a total of 45 calls during the month of June.  In their monthly report, the Le Mars Fire and Rescue Department had 15 fires, five rescue calls, nine investigations, one mutual aid to Hinton, and 15 requests for services.  Fire Chief Dave Schipper reports that 15 fire fighters donated 60 hours to help with Ice Cream Days.  During the month of June, the local fire department received a grain bin rescue equipment that was donated.  Also, the new truck was placed in service.



Fire Department Conducting Fund Raising Campaign

(Le Mars) — Speaking about the Le Mars Fire and Rescue Department, they are in the middle of their annual fund raiser campaign.  Letters were recently sent to every business and resident within the Le Mars service area asking for donations.  Fire Chief Dave Schipper says the donations help make the fire department’s job much easier.

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Schipper says the donated money is used to help purchase equipment, and for additional fire and rescue training.

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Schipper reviews some of the equipment that has been purchased from previous year’s donations.

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Schipper says the Le Mars Fire and Rescue Department is appreciative of the community’s generosity.





Plymouth County Developing Local Road Safety Plan

(Le Mars) — Plymouth County is partnering with the Iowa Department of Transportation to develop a Local Road Safety Plan.  The Local Road Safety Plan will identify a prioritized list of roadway safety projects and initiatives to address the specific types of crashes that are occurring on our county roadways.  A workshop seminar is scheduled for this morning to be held at the Plymouth County Law Enforcement Center Meeting Room.





Breda Man Makes Plea Deal For Supplying Alcohol To Minors


SAC CITY, Iowa (AP) – A 21-year-old man has made a plea deal on charges that he had provided alcohol to an underage youth who later was involved in a collision that killed two teenage girls.
Matthias Stork, of Breda, is scheduled to be sentenced on July 15. He’s pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor counts of selling, giving or supplying alcohol to a minor. Prosecutors reduced the charges from felonies in exchange for Stork’s pleas. The deal also calls for a jail sentence of 360 days, with all but 45 days suspended, and two years of probation.
Prosecutors say Stork supplied beer to Trevor Feauto in August. The 18-year-old Feauto, of Clarksville, has pleaded not guilty to charges of vehicular homicide.