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Thursday Afternoon News, November 19


Weather Official Says Le Mars Could See Seven Inches Of Snow

(Le Mars) — “Le Mars should prepare themselves for a real change of weather conditions”.  That’s the advice of National Weather Services meteorologist Todd Heitkamp of Sioux Falls.  Heitkamp says Le Mars and other areas of northwest Iowa could see some heavy snow by the end of Friday.

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Heitkamp says it’s not just the snow we should be thinking about, but also the expected sub-freezing temperatures.

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The weather official says there is some good news.  By next week, he believes the temperatures will warm up and may melt the snow, leaving us in a good position heading into the extended Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

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As for Friday, Heitkamp advises everyone to be prepared.

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County Road Crews Prepare For Snow

(Le Mars) — Plymouth County Secondary Roads Department is making preparations for the anticipated heavy snowfall.  Roads superintendent Russ Hobson reviews those preparations.

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Hobson says the county is equipped with trucks and graders to clear 14 different routes.  He says if we do get a heavy snow, then it will take some time to clear all the county roads and highways.

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The county roads superintendent summarizes his preparations this way:

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City Officials Remind Residents To Follow Parking Ordinances

(Le Mars) — City work crews are also making preparations for the approaching snow.  Scott Kneip, superintendent of the Le Mars Public Works Department says crews have been attaching snow plows to the trucks.

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Kneip says the city has seven trucks to help remove the snow.  He says with more than 75 miles of streets, it takes about four hours to complete the snow removal.  The city street superintendent reminds residents that the odd-even parking ordinance is now in effect.  He asks residents to remember to park on the correct side of the street.  Kneip says the perfect solution to the city’s snow removal efforts is not to have any cars along the streets.  However, he understands that not possible.

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Kneip says if everyone cooperates, then the city will have an easier time to clear the streets.




Sioux City Airport Board Chooses United Airlines

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (AP) – The Sioux City Gateway Airport Board of Trustees has endorsed United Airlines’ bid to replace American Airlines as the airport’s only carrier.
United and American are competing for a two-year federal contract to fly at least 13 routes per week between Sioux City and Chicago O’Hare International Airport. United asked for a subsidy of about $324,000 per year, while American requested $1.26 million annually.
The U.S. Department of Transportation is taking public comments on the two proposals through Dec. 7. The airport board’s support for United’s proposal likely will weigh heavily in the federal agency’s deliberations. The contract will be awarded early next year.
Sioux City Mayor Bob Scott says the city council will back the airport board’s decision.





Mount Union Considers Dissolving

MOUNT UNION, Iowa (AP) – The small southeast Iowa city of Mount Union is considering dissolving as it deals with sewer system debt.
The Hawk Eye reports the City Council took no action at its Tuesday hearing on a proposal to dissolve the city if it were forced to pay a debt owed to Regional Utility Service Systems in a lump sum.
Matt Rasmussen with the City Development Board says “unincorporation”, or “discontinuance,” does not get rid of debt, but the county could agree to take the territory and levy a special assessment against property owners to pay it off.
Officials say about 15 users of the sewer system are in arrears and a debt of about $40,000 has accumulated. The company filed a garnishment action for about $27,000 and a district judge ruled that about $21,000 could be city seized from the city’s general fund.