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AGP To Expand Biodiesel Production Facilities At Sergeant Bluff


(Sergeant Bluff) — A soybean processing cooperative is wanting to expand its biodiesel operations.  Ag Processing Incorporated has announced it will move forward on a major expansion of the company’s biodiesel production facility near Sergeant Bluff.  AGP currently operates a 30 million gallon biodiesel production facility at that location.  Keith Spackler, Chief Executive Officer, for AGP says “biodiesel is an important component of our integrated soybean processing platform”.  Spackler says, “this expansion reflects our committment to the biodiesel industry and soybean farmers as we continue to invest in this important value-added market”.  The expansion of biodiesel production capacity is complementary to plans announced earlier in the year to build soybean oil refining capacity at the site.  Cal Meyer, Chief Operating Officer with the cooperative says, “Biodiesel is a premium advanced biofuel and has led directly to higher soybean prices and jobs in rural communities. Our announced project at Sergeant Bluff will do the same for the Siouxland region and beyond”.  Company officials noted that final construction decisions are contingent on completion of agreements with state and local officials.