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Monday Afternoon News, March 13th


Iowa Senate Ready To Debate Fireworks Bill

(Des Moines) — After years of trying, it appears politicians pushing to make it LEGAL to set off fireworks in Iowa may get their wish in 2017. A bill addressing the issue has cleared procedural hurdles and is eligible for debate at any time
in the Iowa Senate. Senator Randy Feenstra (FEEN-struh), a Republican from Hull, says northwest Iowans look across the border at South Dakota, where fireworks displays on private property have been legal for years.


It is illegal to light fireworks in Iowa without a permit from city or county officials. In addition, it’s illegal to SELL fireworks in Iowa. The bill pending in the senate would erase those obstacles and set up a system for licensing and regulating businesses that sell fireworks and assessing a sales tax on fireworks sales.

If the bill advances through the Senate AND the House this year, sales of consumer fireworks could start in June. The legislation would make it legal to sell and ignite fireworks
during limited holiday periods, like the 4th of July, Christmas and New Year’s. ┬áThe bill would give cities and counties the option of passing local ordinances that forbid fireworks displays.


Cerro Gordo Residents Against Proposed Poultry Farm

MASON CITY, Iowa (AP) – Residents and officials are uneasy about a proposed farm slated to house 98,000 chickens that will likely be approved with little oversight from Cerro Gordo County.
The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is reviewing a manure management plan for the proposed Wharam Creek Poultry facility.
The farm would be just 2,000 birds shy of requiring regulation for large animal feeding confinements in Iowa. Instead, it faces less strict regulations and less county input.
Among county officials’ concerns is that the application indicates owner Adam Pope doesn’t plan to incorporate the chicken waste into the field surface. Pope says he does plan to work the manure into the ground.
County officials say they fear the odor could affect residents, businesses or public spaces in the area, even if Pope does incorporate the waste.


Nebraska Man Charged For Stealing Prescription Medication

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa (AP) – A Nebraska man has been accused of stealing prescription painkillers while working for a pharmacy in Council Bluffs.
Justin Gardner, of Omaha, is charged with two counts of possession and one of theft. Online records said Monday that Gardner remained in Pottawattamie County custody. His
attorney didn’t immediately return a call from The Associated Press.
A police report says Gardner told a manager at the Walgreens store and then detectives that he stole the pills and sold them.
Gardner’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for Friday.