Boy Scouts Dedicate Flag Pole At St. John’s Church


(Le Mars) — Today, June 14th is Flag Day, a day we honor our red, white, and blue stars and stripes banner. A Le Mars Boy Scout is trying to earn his Eagle Scout badge by installing a new flag pole at the St. Johns Lutheran Church. The dedication of a new flag pole and flag was held at noon Wednesday. Tucker
Heeren is the boy scout that erected the new flag pole. Heeren says the St. John’s church is his home church and it holds a special meaning

During the ceremonies, Heeren thanked all the people who had contributed to the project. He says $2,500 was raised to help finance the new flag pole.
Heeren is entering the sophomore year of high school, but has been involved with scouts for several years.

The Eagle Scout candidate says it was his pastor who made the suggestion to dedicate the new flag pole on flag day.

Heeren says he was surprised by the number of people who attended the flag pole dedication ceremony.

Heeren says the Boy Scout troop has an awards ceremony to be held in February, and that is when he expects to be awarded the Eagle Scout badge, which is the highest honor within the Boy Scout organization.