Merrill, Hinton, and Le Mars Fire Depts. Battle Hog Barn Fire


(Merrill) — Firefighters from Merrill, Hinton, and Le Mars responded to the scene of a hog confinement barn fire located at 24182 Impala Avenue, or about one and a half miles south of county road C-44 on Impala, and approximately four miles southwest of Merrill.  The fire was reported at about 7:30 a.m. this morning.  Upon arrival, smoke could be seen coming from the structure.  Merrill Fire Chief Jacob Conley explains the scene and tactics.

Conley says the fire originated in the southeast corner of the facility from a propane burner.  The Merrill Fire Chief says the barn was full of smaller feeder pigs, that perhaps weigh between 30 and 40 pounds, but, fortunately, there were no pigs that died as a result of the fire.

While visiting with Conley, livestock trucks were lined up at the barn to move the pigs to a different building.  Fire crews used axes and power saws to open up the metal roof to ventilate the fire, and to get better access.  They also needed to pull down some of the exterior metal siding.  Conley says there was
considerable damage done to the building, but he believes it will be able to be renovated and be used again.

Firefighters were on the scene of that hog barn fire for more than three hours.