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Thursday Afternoon News, January 4th


Woman And Juvenile Son Arrested Following Drive By Shooting Incidents

(Brandon, SD) — Drive-by shootings outside two homes in Sioux and Lyon countieson Christmas Day led authorities to a house in Brandon, South Dakota, wherethey discovered an arsenal of weapons. Two suspects were taken into custody — a
mother and son. Brandon Police Chief David Kull says they found a wealth of gunsat the home, which had a fortified basement.

Kull says 50-year-old Artis Kattenberg and her 16-year-old son were arrested.  No one was hurt. Reports say the teen fired the shots. Kull says the incidents may have something to do with a dispute the suspects were having at a church inRock Valley, Iowa.

There is some question about the woman’s mental stability, according to the chief. Kattenburg is charged with felony child abuse. Sioux County authorities, have filed charges against Kattenburg for the drive by shootings in Rock Valley.
Kattenburg along with a juvenile male was charged with second degree aiding and abetting criminal mischief, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and reckless use of a firearm. More charges are pending. In addition to the weapons, police seized high-powered rifle scopes, kevlar vests and gunshot
suppressors. The basement of the house was stockpiled with supplies, including food and water.



Senate President Wants To Restructure Board of Regents

(Des Moines) –– A top Republican in the legislature suggests it’s time to appoint a new panel to spark changes at the state-supported universities. Jack Whitver of Ankeny is the president of the Iowa Senate.

The presidents of the University of Iowa, Iowa State University and the University of Northern Iowa recently recommended seven percent hikes in tuition next fall. The nine-member Board of Regents has not yet voted to set tuition levels for next year — but Senator Whitver says a commission could suggest
changes that prevent “drastic increases to tuition” and save students money.

Whitver got his law degree from Drake, but he played football for Iowa State and graduated from I-S-U with a degree in exercise science and a masters from I-S-U in business. Members of the Board of Regents have an ongoing “tier” initiative seeking inefficiencies in the universities’ operating budgets. In the 1990s, the so-called “Fisher Commission” appointed by then-Governor Terry Branstad recommended budget cutting in all levels of state government, including the state universities. In the late 1980s, then-Iowa Board of Regents president Marvin Pomerantz (POM-er-antz) led an effort to reduce duplication in academic
programs among the three state-supported universities.



Goodwill To Sale Vegetable Oil To Help Employ Handicapped

CORALVILLE, Iowa (AP) – Goodwill of the Heartland plans to raise $7.6 million to open a vegetable oil packaging plant in eastern Iowa where it would employ dozens of individuals with disabilities.
Vice President for Operations Jessica Schamberger presented the proposal to the Johnson County Board of Supervisors on Wednesday. The plan calls for creating 40 jobs in Coralville.
The Iowa City Press-Citizen reports that Schamberger also requested two $50,000 grants to help fund the project, which would ship packaged oil for distribution to more than 70 counties through the World Food Program.
Schamberger says the project would package a product that’s produced in Iowa, create jobs for people with disabilities and support people in need. She says the vegetable oil will be sent to counties like Syria, Myanmar and Yemen.



Arizona Man Suing Prosecutor For Wrongful Arrest

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) – An Arizona man who was arrested, transported cross- country and jailed for a robbery that he didn’t commit is suing the Iowa prosecutor responsible for charging him.
Joseph McBride spent two months in custody after authorities arrested him in Phoenix in August.
The 23-year-old was among three people charged for a Jan. 1, 2017, home invasion in his hometown of Cedar Rapids – even though he had proof he was 1,500 miles (2415 kilometers) away. Investigators never spoke with him before his arrest.
McBride’s lawsuit alleges that the complaint signed by Linn County Attorney Vander Sanden contained materially false statements, including that police had “phone records and social media” suggesting he was involved.
Vander Sanden says the charge was based on a “good-faith belief that the victim was correct in the identification.”