Police Make Several Arrests From Drug Bust


(Le Mars) — The Le Mars Police Department recently arrested more than 20 individuals during a drug bust. Since late summer of 2017, the Le Mars Drug Task Force, as part of the Le Mars Police Department, have been investigating several individuals, both adults and juveniles for their involvement in selling
illegal drugs. Police Chief Kevin Vande Vegte says the charges for most of the individuals include the possession and delivery of marijuana, plus possession and delivery of methamphetamine for two of the individuals.

Those charged include: 24 year old Andrew Storlie, 30 year old Jeffrey Sands, 22 year old Cody Angerman, 20 year old Tyler Uden, 19 year old Jayden Harms, 24 year old Scott Acres, 19 year old Alejandro Gomez, 19 year old Tanner Gesink, 22 year old Wyatt Learing of Remsen, 45 year old John Collins, and 19 year old Weston Marsh. In addition three arrest warrants have been issued for three subjects for their involvement in delivery of controlled substances as well.
They include: a 20 year old male, and 18 year old male and an 18 year old female.
Unless noted, all of the mentioned names are from Le Mars.
Vande Vegte says the investigation involved several law enforcement agencies.

The community may be surprised at the number of individuals involved and consequently arrested, for drug possession, mainly consisting of marijuana.
However, Vande Vegte says the police realize there is a drug presence in Le Mars.

On March 6th a search warrant was conducted at 1209 Central Avenue S.W. As a result of that search warrant, the following individuals were arrested: 19 year old Tanner Gesink and 22 year old Derek Gesink. On February 25th the police
executed a search warrant was executed at 211 Plymouth Street N.E. They included: 18 year old Dawson Poekers, 18 year old Riley Augustine, and 18 year old Brendon Sitzmann, again all from Le Mars.