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Friday Afternoon News, April 6th


Gehlen Catholic Prepares For Prom

(Le Mars) — With the theme “Night in the Spotlight” Gehlen Catholic will celebrate its Junior-Senior prom this Saturday. Aubree Nilles is a junior at Gehlen and is a member of the prom organizing committee. Nilles is the daughter of Lee and Angela Nilles. She says couples will be made to feel like Hollywood Stars when walking down the promenade.

Nilles says the “Hollywood” sign in the Gehlen gym will resemble the famous “Hollywood” sign found in the hills of southern California overlooking many movie studios. The evening’s activities will begin with a mandatory mass for the students and their dates, followed by the prominade, then the students will enjoy a banquet meal at the Willow Creek Golf Course Country Club. Meredith Kellen, another prom committee member, says Central Catering of Hawarden will prepare the meal to be served at Willow Creek.

Following the banquet, the students will enjoy dancing to the music provided by a disc jockey. Then, the after-prom party will take place in Sioux City at what is known as “Drop Zone” an arena featuring several trampolines allowing the students to participate in various types of games and sports while jumping on trampolines. The three girls on the Gehlen prom committee mentioned that all students will board a bus to Sioux City’s “Drop Zone.” Students will not be allowed to drive themselves to the after-prom activities. Kellen says during the banquet, a program containing photos of the Seniors will be showcased.

Katelyn Langel, the daughter of Mick and Tami Langel says the junior class has been working on the preparations for prom since September. She explains how the junior class selected the chosen theme.

The three members of the Gehlen prom committee says the class raised money for the prom by selling sub sandwiches and operating the concession stand.



State Representative Says Sanctuary Bill Has Been Misrepresented By Opponents

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) – Iowa lawmakers have approved a bill that bans so-called sanctuary cities by withholding state funds from local governments that don’t comply with immigration laws.
The Republican-controlled Iowa Senate voted 28-18 along party lines Wednesday night for the measure. It follows a 55-45 vote Tuesday in the GOP-led state House, where one Democrat voted for the bill and five Republicans voted against it.
The bill heads to Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds, who has indicated she’ll sign it into law. State Representative Chuck Holz of Le Mars says people have been misled on the bill’s specific purpose.

Although the State Senate along party lines, in the House, there was some cross-over with a few Republicans voting against the bill, while two Democrats voted in favor of the measure. Holz offers an explanation as to why some Republicans may have voted against the bill.

The legislation is on “sanctuary cities,” a catch-all label for jurisdictions that limit local involvement in federal immigration
enforcement. Iowa has no sanctuary cities.
The bill has other provisions that include instructing local governments not to enact policies that prohibit or discourage enforcing immigration laws.
Supporters say the bill is about enforcing the law, though authorities say they already follow immigration laws. Community organizers believe the legislation opens the state to litigation and could lead to racial profiling.



Man Arrested After Video Recording Ankeny Family

ANKENY, Iowa (AP) – Authorities say a man disguised a video camera as an alarm clock so he could record a woman and her 11- and 12-year-old children when they used a bathroom in their Polk County home.
Court records say 53-year-old Brian Hoffman, of Lidderdale, pleaded not guilty Thursday to charges of invasion of privacy, unlawful interception of communication and two counts of sexual exploitation of a minor.
The woman described Hoffman as a friend after she called police to report her discovery of the camera. Police say the clock was placed to face the bathroom and the memory card was accessible through a wireless internet connection. Police say the card had several images of the woman and the children naked.
Hoffman told investigators he didn’t know the clock contained a video device.