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Wednesday News, April 11th


Fire Department Responds To Taco John’s Restaurant

(Le Mars) — Shortly after 3:00 p.m. Tuesday afternoon, the Le Mars Fire and Rescue Department was called to the Taco John’s restaurant located on Business Highway 75 for a reported fire going up the wall. Fire Chief Dave Schipper
explains what had happened.

Schipper says fortunately, there was little damage done to the restaurant. He says the fryers run off from a pilot light, and the hole in the gas line provided for another avenue for the gas to escape and consequently catch on the fire.

Firefighters were on the scene for less than 30 minutes. According to Schipper, only small repairs were needed, and the fast food restaurant was back in business.



County Supervisors Instruct Zoning Administrator and County Attorney To Issue Citations For Salvage Collection

(Le Mars) — During the Plymouth County Board of Supervisors meeting held Tuesday, County zoning administrator Alan Luken submitted a report to the supervisors attention regarding a rural residence in Washington township that has collected an enormous amount of salvage. Luken says, the residence in question is that of Justin Harms and his mother. He says the Harms are in violation of the county’s zoning rules. Luken informed the supervisors there hasn’t been a lot of progress made to dispose of the collected salvage. Luken says some of the salvage material had been cleared prior to Justin’s father’s passing. However, since that time, more salvage has been accumulated. The county zoning administrator says it has been a problem for at least five years.

Luken says the family has, over time, built up a collection of different types of salvage materials.

Luken estimates approximately seven acres of salvage junk is on the property in question. He had addressed the supervisors about the problem a few months ago, and the supervisors sent a letter to the Harms family instructing them they
needed to clean up the property. Luken says since that time, some clearing of the salvage had taken place, but not to the point where it made much difference
in the appearance.

The county board of supervisors on Tuesday instructed Luken and Plymouth County Attorney Darin Raymond to issue citations to the Harms family. Luken says the penalty could be as much as $750 per day, once the citation is delivered, and he anticipates the issue will end with a lawsuit in court. Luken says the Harms
family often times acquires items at a farm sale, that nobody else would purchase. Luken says the items are then brought to the Harms property and dumped and begin to pile up. Luken says there isn’t any privacy fence or wall surrounding the property to conceal it from public view. Luken says he has made
several attempts at communicating the problem with Harms, but informed the supervisors that Harms has not been cooperative. The county zoning administrator says there is a major problem that needs to be resolved.

The county zoning administrator says he has heard of several complaints from neighbors about the appearance of the Harms property.  Luken addressed the situation with the Plymouth County Board of Supervisors in December.



Le Mars Public Library To Celebrate National Library Week By Holding Open House Events

(Le Mars) — This week is National Library Week, and the Le Mars Public Library is celebrating by calling attention to the recently renovated library, and urging people to not only check out the library, but to check out the library resources.
Shirley Taylor serves as the Director of the Le Mars Public Library. She says the local library has a week of different activities planned, beginning with hosting today’s Chamber coffee.

Taylor says several people have complimented her on the new appearance of the renovated library, especially the natural lighting.

The Le Mars Public Librarian says Thursday will be devoted to younger children with story times.

Taylor says it is important to start young children with reading, as early as possible, as studies show it helps with their development.

The Le Mars Public library will cater to the teens who like a mystery on Friday.

On Saturday, the Le Mars Public Library will hold another open house for the public to view the renovated facilities.

The hours for the the grand re-opening open house on Saturday will be from 9:00 a.m. until 12:00 noon.