Four Homes Featured For “Tour of Homes”


(Le Mars) — This Saturday, the Le Mars Historical Preservation Commission is teaming up with the Plymouth County Historical Museum to host the annual “Tour of Homes.” Iris Hemmingson serves on the Preservation Commission and says this year, there are four unique and distinctive homes to be offered on the tour.


Hemmingson says those participating on the home tour may want to begin with the Dean and Kathy McCarty home. She says it is one of the newer homes that was constructed in 1950.

Hemmingson says the McCarty’s have retained the historical look to their home, even after renovation. The second home is that of Chris and Christy Collins.

The Le Mars Preservationist discusses some of the other features that highlight the Collins home.

Hemmingson says tourists will also notice inside the Collins home an array of colored glass artifacts.

Iris Hemmingson discusses the last two homes, those being owned by Dororthy Arens and Stewart and Karla Dekkinga. Hemmingson says the Dororthy Arens home is located on the west side of town in an older neighborhood.

Hemmingson says the houses in the neighborhood look like each of them were built as a “kit house.”

Hemmingson says tourists will want to take notice of the Aren’s backdoor.

That leaves us with the last home scheduled for the Tour of Homes, the Stuart and Karla Dekkenga home located just on the outside of town on Highway 3 west. Hemmingson says home was originally located in town, but was moved to its present location.

The Le Mars Preservationist discusses the unique features of the Dekkenga home. She says at one time there were porches on all four corners of the home.

Tourists will want to begin the tour at the Plymouth County Historical Museum. The tour will run from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Tickets are selling at $10.  The “Tour of Homes” has been active for more than 20 years.