Loutsch Family Shows Off John Deere Collection For Independence Day


(Oyens) –Every 4th of July, for the past 23 years, the Loutsch family consisting
of brothers Mark, Jerry, and Billy, along with their sons, roll out their extensive
collection of antique John Deere tractors to be featured on display for the
public’s viewing. At noon on the 4th, the people of Oyens are treated to the
annual parade consisting of the many models of John Deere tractors as the Loutsch
family, and friends, take pride in driving the collection of 79 tractors the nearly
two miles from the farm through the streets of the small Plymouth County community.
Mark Loutsch says the parade of tractors tradition began years ago with his mother
wanting a reason to gather the family members for the holiday.


Loutsch talks about the collection of John Deere farm equipment.


Loutsch says the people of Oyens look forward to the annual parade of tractors on
Independence Day each year, and they appreciate the effort by the Loutsch family.


The John Deere tractor collector says every one of the tractors and equipment has
an unique story, but he tells of one tractor that has two serial numbers, and is
considered to be a 1938 and 1939 model.

Loutsch says the oldest tractor in his collection is a Kerosene powered 1919
Waterloo Boy, the predecessor to John Deere.


Loutsch says it was in the 1980’s when he and his brothers first became interested
in collecting antique John Deere tractors.


Loutsch says it takes four days to pull all the tractors out of the storage sheds
and wash them and get them ready for display and for the July 4th parade. The
public is welcome to visit and view the antique tractors located on Pioneer Avenue,
about a mile east of Oyens, and a half mile north.