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Saturday News, July 7th


Sky Show 2018 Fireworks Program A Success

(Le Mars) — Last night’s crowd for the Sky Show Fireworks program may have been down somewhat from previous years, but never-the-less still enjoyable.
The fireworks show lasted 20 minutes and filled the sky with various colors and sizes of fireworks. Many people listened to the accompanying music from KLEM radio as they sat back with their eyes to the sky. The attending crowd at the Plymouth County Fairgrounds, seemed to show their appreciation with the applause at the conclusion of the show.



More Citations Issued For Texting While Driving

DES MOINES, Iowa — The Iowa State Patrol has issued 6 times more citations for texting while driving in the past year, after a new law allows law enforcement officers to stop drivers who are texting. This past year, Troopers issued 1,131 citations for texting while driving. That is up from 182 citations the year before.

John Gaspar, a research scientist with the National Advanced Driving Simulator, found that it takes two seconds to impair a driver’s safety. It usually takes 5 seconds to send or read a text. At 55mph, that is the same as driving the length of a football field with your eyes closed.

The Center for Disease Control says that every day an average of 9 people are killed and more than 1,000 people are injured because of a distracted driver.
Teens are affected most by texting while driving.



“Saturday In The Park” Scheduled For Today

(Sioux City) (sfx-“Saturday in the Park”) — Grandview Park in Sioux City will be filled with music and fun today for the 28th annual “Saturday in the Park” music festival. The all-day show starts at noon with the evening headlined by four-time Grammy award winner Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit, plus Boz Scaggs. Concert promoter, Dave Bernstein reminds everyone that
there are a few rules to follow at the free event.

And there are a lot of other things happening in the park besides two stages of music.

With limited parking near the park, Bernstein suggests that you ride the bus to the event.

There’s also free wi-fi and A-T-M machines if you need some quick cast to buy food or souvenirs. Saturday in the Park runs from 12:00 noon until 10:30 p.m., concluding with a fireworks show.



Soybean Growers Concerned About Trade War With China

(Le Mars) — The Trump Administration has followed up on their promise to assess tariffs on Chinese goods brought into this country, and the Chinese immediately retaliated by imposing tariffs on U-S soybeans. Recently, KLEM news visited with Iowa Soybean Association president, Bill Shipley of Nodaway, Iowa. In the past, China has been a good customer of U-S grown
soybeans as they purchase about 60 percent of the total U-S soybean production. Shipley believes due to the trade tariffs that market may suffer, but he doubts the Chinese market will disappear entirely.

Despite the tariffs have now been implemented, Shipley is hopeful an agreement can still be reached that will be beneficial for U-S farmers.

The southwest Iowa soybean grower understands why President Trump is wanting to create more fair trade practices with the Chinese, but never-the-less Shipley is concerned.

The soybean president says soybean growers are looking at other potential export markets.

Shipley says he wishes he had sold more of his soybeans on a forward contract prior to the start of the tariffs and trade war.




Police Arrest Man Accused Of Stealing Cemetery Vases

MUSCATINE, Iowa (AP) – Police have arrested a 44-year-old Muscatine man on suspicion of stealing dozens of brass vases that marked graves at a local cemetery.
The Muscatine Journal says Thomas Edgar Thornburg was arrested Thursday night on suspicion of theft.
A police report filed last month said 15-20 vases had been taken from Muscatine Memorial Park. Cemetery officials later said up to 50 of the urns may be missing.
The vases are chained to markers at the cemetery, are 10 inches (254 millimeters) tall and weigh up to 8 pounds (4 kilograms). Cemetery manger Cindy Allen has said each vase can cost up to $650 to replace.




Drake University’s Athletic Trainer Fired

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) – Drake University and its former head athletic trainer fired in 2016 after 31 years on the job have agreed to settle his wrongful termination lawsuit.
KCCI reports that the university admits no wrongdoing in the settlement. The terms of the settlement were not disclosed.
Scott Kerr filed the lawsuit after he says he was abruptly fired when a medical condition forced him to urinate in a dirty training room whirlpool.
Kerr said he had been diagnosed with an enlarged prostate and another condition that caused him to urinate more frequently. Kerr said he urinated in the whirlpool because he didn’t have time to get to a bathroom. Kerr said he thoroughly cleaned the whirlpool tank afterward.
His lawsuit said he was fired because of his disability, age and gender.