Vehicles Passing A Stopped School Bus Is A Concern With Le Mars Officials


(Le Mars) –The problem of motorists passing a stopped school bus was briefly discussed during the Le Mars Community Board of Education meeting held Monday evening. When board members were reviewing the specifications and bidding process for two new additional school buses, a school board director inquired about the request for cameras to be installed on the school buses. School superintendent Dr. Steven Webner informed the school board members that the cameras are being requested due to the high number of vehicles reported to have passed a school bus while the bus had its lights flashing, and stop sign extended.








School has been in session for only three weeks, and so far, there have been a high number of violators that have passed a stopped school bus.

Webner reminds people of the recently passed law referred to as “Kaden’s Law” which stepped up the penalties for passing a stopped school bus. The Kaden’s Law was created because of a young girl who died after being hit by a motorist when they passed a stopped school bus with its lights flashing and stop sign extended. Le Mars Police Chief Kevin Vande Vegte tells of the penalties from passing a stopped school bus.

The Le Mars Police Chief says many times law enforcement agencies need both the description of the violating vehicle, plus the description of the driver.

Vande Vegte says he favors having cameras equipped on school buses, and he encourages school officials to adopt the provision.  Local law enforcement agencies are working with school district officials to create a plan to deter motorists from passing stopped school buses.