Feenstra Announces He Will Seek Election To U-S 4th Congressional District


(Hull) — Republican Iowa State Senator Randy Feenstra of Hull has announced he will seek nomination of the U-S 4th Congressional District for the next election. That position is currently held by Republican Congressman Steve King of Kiron. Assuming King seeks another term, that would pit Feenstra and King against each other for a Republican primary. Feenstra has held the Senate Assistant Majority Leader position, and the Senate Ways and Means Committee Chair. Feenstra is in his third term as a state legislator. Feenstra will open a federal campaign committee, taking the first steps in his campaign for the republican nomination in Iowa’s 4th Congressional District in 2020. Serving his third term in the Iowa State Senate, Feenstra pointed to the need to provide President Trump with a strong voice who can help protect and advance a conservative agenda for America.

“What we’ve seen this past week from the new Democratic majority in Congress is appalling,” Feenstra explained. “They’ve made it clear that they want nothing less than to raise taxes to historic levels, ignore the rule of law and undue the successes made by President Trump. The President needs effective conservative leaders in Congress who will not only support his agenda, but actually get things done.”

A staunch conservative, Randy Feenstra has a long list of accomplishments in the Iowa Legislature. Senator Feenstra was a key architect of last year’s historic state income tax cut, the largest in Iowa’s history. Feenstra also led the way on reducing property taxes for Iowa’s working families and seniors. He’s been a champion of rural Iowa, defending Iowa agriculture, a supporter of renewable fuels and a proponent for Iowa’s main street businesses.

Feenstra says, “Today, Iowa’s 4th District doesn’t have a voice in Washington, because our current representative’s caustic nature has left us without a seat at the table,” Feenstra added, “We don’t need any more sideshows or distractions, we need to start winning for Iowa’s families.”

As the next Congressman from the 4th District, Randy is committed to securing our borders, balancing the federal budget, simplifying our tax system and supporting job creators.