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Monday News, January 28th


Get Ready For Extreme Cold Temperatures

(Le Mars) — We could see some dangerous cold temperatures this week, and health officials reminds us to limit our time exposed to the outdoors.
Frostbite can occur within minutes when dealing with sub-zero temperatures along with sub-zero wind chill index. The advice is to make certain all parts of your body is covered before going outdoors. In a previous interview from last year, Lorrie Mortensen of Floyd Valley Healthcare says frost bite can happen fairly quickly.

Mortensen says the first symptoms of frost bite can be a cold, prickly feeling.

The Director of Nursing recommends wearing mittens as opposed to gloves.

She says both the young and the elderly are more susceptible to the frigid cold temperatures, and they are likely to get frost bite before others.

Mortensen’s advice during this period of cold temperatures is to “bundle up and keep moving” and make certain you wear several layers of clothing.



Steve King Holds Town Hall Meeting At Primghar

(Primghar) — Iowa Republican Congressman Steve King held a town hall meeting Saturday morning at Primghar, Iowa. This was the first town hall meeting King has hosted since losing his congressional committee assignments as a result of comments regarding white supremacy made by King that appeared
in the New York Times. It is also the first town hall meeting that King has hosted for several months. The Primghar Community Center had about 100 constituents and more than 30 members of the media, including national television networks, CNN and NBC. King attempted to explain to the gathering that he is not racist, and the New York Times misrepresented his meaning. The first question from the attendees was how can King adequately
represent the 4th District, now that he was no longer on any Congressional committees? King says since the Republican party lost the majority, he says the Democrats will prevent the Republicans from acting on any proposed bills. He claims he and other Congressional Republicans will only be able to play “defense” on bills.

King believes the Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee will begin the process to “impeach the president.” He says by not being on any committee, he has the opportunity to speak on the floor on any proposed bill.

King was asked about immigration, the proposed border wall, the heart-beat abortion bill, and even what actions he would take to help bring economic development to rural Iowa communities? Anne Slattery of Spencer says she was disappointed with King’s response about economic development for rural communities.

Slattery doesn’t believe King can be an effective representative of Iowa’s 4th District without being on any House committees. She says with Republicans stepping forward to challenge King for the next primary election, it may be difficult for the long-term congressman to retain his seat.

The Spencer woman says she has been disappointed with King for several years.

There were some people at the town hall meeting that stood up and praised King, and said they would continue to support the embattled Congressman.



Cherokee Meat Plant To Begin Operations This Week

CHEROKEE, Iowa (AP) – An idle meat processing plant that closed in 2014 in northwest Iowa will reopen this week with new owners.
The Sioux City Journal reports the Iowa Food Group has hired about 35 people initially and plans to increase that to about 100 this year.
The company plans to process beef, chicken, pork and lamb that is slaughtered elsewhere and package it for retail.
Arkansas-based Tyson Foods closed the plant in September 2014, taking 450 jobs with it. Tyson held onto its lease and weathered criticism that it was holding the county hostage economically.



Sioux City House Fire

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (AP) – Authorities say one person was hospitalized after a fire that damaged a house on the west side of Sioux City.
Firefighters were dispatched a little after 1:45 p.m. Sunday. Fire
officials say three people were home when the fire started near where a carport connected to the house.
The injured person is expected to survive.
The fire cause is being investigated.



Missing Boy Is Found

MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa (AP) – Police say the body of a missing 13-year-old Iowa boy has been found.
Marshalltown police said in a news release that Corey Brown’s body was located about 10:45 a.m. Sunday in a secluded area on the west side of Marshalltown. They said there’s no evidence the boy’s death involved criminal activity, but that they will continue to investigate.
In an earlier release, police said Corey was last seen around 11:15 p.m. Tuesday. Television station KCCI reports that police Chief Michael Tupper said surveillance video captured the boy leaving home.
Volunteers and public safety workers searched for him in the cold
The Marshalltown Community School District said Sunday it was
saddened to learn about Corey’s death and that he “was loved by many and will be deeply missed.”



School Sets Up Food Bank For Low Income Students

NEW LONDON, Iowa (AP) – A conference room at a southeast Iowa school has been turned into a food pantry for students and their families.
The Hawk Eye reports that the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Food Bank of Iowa and local community groups helped launch the food pantry at New London School District in December.
Families in the district with a student in kindergarten through 12th grade can use the food pantry, which is open on Thursdays. About 30 families have used the resource so far.
Students can also access the pantry during the school day if they’re hungry.
The elementary school’s principal, Todd Palmatier, says the district hopes to expand the program by hosting cooking nights where families can learn to cook meals with food from the pantry.