Plymouth County Now Under A Flood Warning!


(Le Mars) — The National Weather Services has now issued a Flood Warning for Le Mars, and according to Le Mars Fire Chief Dave Schipper, the Floyd River has risen more than a foot overnight.

Schipper says by being more than four feet above flood stage it will mean disruption to the airport, the Little League ball parks, and PGA Drive.

Schipper says it is difficult to calculate exactly how high the river will rise because of the snow melt.

The Le Mars Fire Chief says history from the last two flooding events in June and September of last year has taught us what to expect in terms of coverage of flood waters. He says if we encounter any ice jams, that could make the situation even worse.

Schipper warns people living in low-lying areas to plan accordingly, and to be prepared for what could be a rapid rise in the river waters.

Since the time of the interview conducted this morning, Schipper tells KLEM news as of 12:00 noon, the Floyd River has risen yet another foot, and new predictions are calling for 25 foot flood stage, nearly five feet above flood stage.



(Le Mars) — The flooding is affecting many parts of Plymouth County. Highway 75 northbound near Hinton is being detoured because of water on the roadway, and several county roads are having water overflowing the roadways. Officials want to remind motorists to turn around and don’t drown. Never have a vehicle try to pass with water overflowing the roadway.