Master Gardener Offers Tips For Container Gardening


(Le Mars) — Since the weather forecast is calling for sunny skies and warmer temperatures for most of this week, many people may take the opportunity to plant a garden or some flowers. Roseanne Plante of Hinton is a Master Gardener and offered some container gardening tips to the ladies attending the Floyd Valley Mother’s Day luncheon held Friday. Plante’s first tip for container gardening is it is not necessary to spend a lot of money.

Plante says either flowers or vegetables can be grown in a container.

She says a common mistake for people choosing to have container gardening is not having enough drainage.

The Master Gardener says when using a large container pot, it is not necessary to fill the entire container with soil.

Plante advises people to keep the tags that came with their plant, and to follow the directions as to whether to place the plant in sunny conditions, or if the plant grows better in the shade.

Plante says sometimes certain plants needs to be acclimated to the various weather conditions.

The Master Gardener informed the group of ladies on Friday, that if you want that flower to look as nice as it did the day you purchased it, then you may need to add some fertilizer when you water the plant or flower.

Plante told the Floyd Valley Mother’s Day luncheon gathering that sometimes, no matter what you do, plants will die, and she says that’s o.k.