Le Mars Police Department To Add A School Resource Officer This Autumn


(Le Mars) — The Le Mars Police Department will add another officer to the department staff, thanks to the actions of the Le Mars city council. The new officer will focus his or her attention primarily on the local school systems. Le Mars Police Chief Kevin Vande Vegte says the new patrol officer will be known as a School Resource Officer.

Vande Vegte offers an overview of the school resource officer position.

The Le Mars Police Chief says the position will obviously act as a deterrent for any possible crimes within the schools, but he also hopes the new officer will serve as a counseling position.

He expands on the responsibilities of the new officer.

Vande Vegte hopes to have the new officer position in place prior to the start of school in late August. He says he has the full support from administrators of both Le Mars Community and of Gehlen Catholic to add a school resource officer.

Vande Vegte says during the summer months, the school resource officer will be placed on regular patrol duty, adding the extra police officer on staff will help with when other officers request vacation.