Biden Discusses Rural Health Care At Floyd Valley


(Le Mars) — Running an hour and forty-five minutes late, former Vice President Joe Biden toured Floyd Valley Healthcare yesterday afternoon, and then sat down at a round table discussion with Floyd Valley staff.
Approximately, 30 people were allowed to sit in on the round table that focused on rural health care. The round table visit lasted for approximately 40 minutes. Discussion began with the growing mental health cases. Biden called the nation’s mental health dilemma as a serious, serious matter, and with many cases it links with the opioid problems.

Biden continued to explain to the group his plan to help mental health patients.

Many people may wonder how would such a proposal would be paid. Biden says there is a way to finance his plan to have mental health nurses receive free training.

Biden says we also need to get rid of the stigma attached to mental health.

Other topics that were discussed involved having health care costs affordable for all, especially if the patient requires additional care than what health insurance covers? Attention was also focused on care for veterans.