New Rules Implemented For Local Recycling/Garbage Program


(Le Mars) — You perhaps have noticed a new sticker label attached to your recycling and garbage totes. New rules for recycling are going to be implemented. Due to the lack of a market for plastics and most glass items, officials are now requesting that plastic shopping bags, and along with glass
items no longer be placed for recycling. Le Mars city administrator Jason Vacura offers an explanation.

The city administrator says plastic bags may be the biggest item that can no longer be recycled.

Vacura says recycled items are to be loose, and not contained in any type of bag.

Vacura says that on occasion, people would discard their old shoes and clothing items in a recycling tote. He says those items can be reused, but are not recyclable.  Vacura says it also depends on if those clothing and shoe items are acceptable to the thrift centers.

Plastic bottles can be recycled, as can the plastic caps to the bottles, but officials request they be separated.  Recyclable labels can also be acquired at the city office.