Floyd Valley Healthcare To Have Power Wheels For Pediatric Patients


(Le Mars) — Going to the hospital can be a scary experience for a child, especially if you are needing surgery. However, thanks to the generosity of the Le Mars Police Department and the Le Mars Fire and Rescue Department, the experience of having surgery for children may be a bit easier. The two entities have donated power wheels to Floyd Valley Healthcare to be used by
the pediatric patients. Amy Harnack serves as the Foundation Manager for Floyd Valley.

Harnack says she approached both the police and fire departments for their participation, and both agreed to help with the purchase of the power wheels. The little cars are battery powered, and are controlled by remote control, so the hospital staff have control of the power wheels.

Both power wheels appear as the real police squad cars and fire trucks, complete with decals, lights, and even a siren. Harnack says the small cars should provide some fun for the children just prior to going into surgery.


Both power wheels will be presented to Floyd Valley Healthcare this afternoon.