Le Mars Skate Board Park Grand Opening


(Le Mars) — Several hundred people had gathered Sunday afternoon during a nice autumn day at the O’Toole Park to witness extreme sports as the new Le Mars Skate Board Park held a grand opening.  Enthusiasts from the very young, to adult age, were excited to try the new skate board park.  Exhibits of jumps, twists, turns, flips, and balancing skills, were showcased both by skate board participants, and by BMX bicycle contestants.  Le Mars Mayor Dick Kirchoff welcomed the crowd and told of how the skate board park is an example of adding to the quality of life for Le Mars, and how the new skate board park was financed through the contributions of the Community Betterment Project.  Several participants were enjoying the obstacle “Ice Cream Scoop” unique to the Le Mars Skate Board Park.  At one point during the afternoon, participants were creating an additional challenge by attempting to jump over a trash receptacle which stood next to the concrete bowl obstacle, and made for nearly a ten foot vertical jump.