Community Foundation Of Greater Plymouth County Distributes $121,000 In Grants


(Le Mars) — Last evening, (Thursday) $121,000 was distributed to 21 different organizations, communities, and emergency personnel as part of the Community Foundation for Greater Plymouth County grant awards. Fire departments, ambulance services, police departments, legion clubs, area schools, and
extension services, and others, all benefited. Kelly Nashleanas serves as the chair for the foundation and explains the grant money is from gaming and casino revenue.

Foundation Board Members

Nashleanas says to be eligible for grants you must be a 501 (c)
organization, or go through a civic organization like a town or school. She says in the future the foundation may hold a workshop to help organizations with the criteria that is needed to qualify for grants.

She says those that received grants can be categorized as she refers to them as “feel good stories.”

There are a few organizations that have received grants multiple years.
Nashleanas explains it may be some of the same organizations that previously have received funding, but it is usually for a different purpose, or a continuation of the project.

Nashleanas says the maximum amount that can be given is $10,000 for a receiving organization. She says the foundation board members will often ask the organization if they can still perform their project if they would be given less than the amount of money requested.

The Community Foundation chair says each grant request is judged on its merits, and not determined whether or not the organization received funding in previous years.

Nashleanas says grant applications are due in mid-August.  In early September, the foundation committee members are notified by the state as to how much money will be allocated to be distributed for area grants, and the awarding of said grants takes place in October.

Organizations Receiving Funding:

Merrill Legion                  $2,000     handicapped doors

Le Mars Fire Department  $9,408     Thermal imaging camera

New Horizons Church       $  650      After school programs

Merrill Lions Club             $7,000     Coats for children

St. Mary’s High School    $10,000    Health and wellness

Hinton School                 $8,055      Classroom computers

Gehlen Catholic School    $2,584      Environmental science class

City of Hinton                  $7,275      Handicapped doors

Beautification Babes         $3,000      Trees along trails

Community Ministry         $4,500      Backpack snacks MMCRU

City of Merrill                   $3,000      Handicapped restrooms

MMCRU School                 $1,375       Archery club

City of Remsen                 $7,072       Memorial Field fencing

Lucky Leprechauns            $6,000       Boots for children

Life Skills Training Ctr.       $8,875       Fire prevention system

Le Mars Police Department  $6,000       Bulletproof vests

Le Mars Ambulance             $6,540       AED cardiac machines

Kluckholn Elementary          $4,350       STEM robotics

City of Kingsley                   $7,871       Security doors for pool

City of Kingsley                   $2,000       Freedom Rock Info Bd.

Plymouth Co. Extension       $7,800        Robotic Blocks

Plymouth Co. Extension       $1,000        Kingsley 4-H Project

Le Mars Grant Recipients

Remsen Grant Recipients

Merrill Grant Recipients

Kingsley Grant Recipients

Akron Grant Recipients

Hinton Grant Recipients