Donlin and Dembinski Square Off For City Council Position


(Le Mars) — Election day is this coming Tuesday, and Le Mars has one contested race for the At-Large position for city council. The two candidates include: Dan Dembinski and Mike Donlin.  Both candidates have served in the military.  Donlin was a Navy man, while Dembinski was in the Air Force.  KLEM news visited with each candidate and asked why they are interested in serving on the city council. We begin with Dan Dembinski…

For Mike Donlin, he says it is a way to continue to serve the community.

We asked the candidates what issues, with regards to the city, most interest them?

Dembinski says he is interested in maintaining the city’s streets and alleys, saying the city constantly needs to address any street concerns.
Dembinski says he has the goal for the city to continue to attract tourism, and build upon its economic development by adding more jobs and industries.

While Dembinski has placed candidate yard signs throughout the community, and has begun advertising on this radio station, asking people to vote for him, Donlin has decided not to promote his candidacy.

Dembinski says he is prepared to take on the responsibilities associated with serving on the city council.

Donlin says he wants other people to see Le Mars continue to be a nice place to live.

The other city elections have Steve Wick seeking re-election and running unopposed in Ward 2, and Dick Kirchoff is also running unopposed for the mayor’s race.