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Saturday News, December 7th


Orange City Area Health System Opens New Clinic

(Orange City) — Orange City Area Health System has opened a new walk-in clinic located along Highway 10 at the Holland Plaza strip mall near the movie theater and P’s Pizza House. Steve Walhof is the Director for Clinic Services and says the new clinic was requested by the hospital’s board of directors.

Walhof says the new clinic will focus primarily on acute medical needs.

The director of clinics says the new walk-in clinic will assist patients during the evening and weekends.

The new clinic will be staffed on a rotational basis with a physician, a physician’s assistant, and nurse practitioners. Liza Schouten is the clinic’s manager and says the clinic already has started seeing patients on Monday.

The Clinic’s manager talks about the staffing for the new Orange City Area Health System clinic.

The new walk-in clinic consists of a waiting area, three separate
examination rooms, and a small laboratory. The new walk-in clinic at Holland Plaza is the fifth clinic operated by Orange City Area Health System with additional clinics located at the main campus hospital, Northwestern College, Hospers and Paullina.



Lottery Group Agrees To Reach Settlement With Lottery Winner

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) – A national lottery group agreed to pay $1.5 million to settle a lawsuit filed by an Iowa man who claimed that a $9 million jackpot he won in 2011 would have been bigger if the previous one hadn’t been fixed by an insider. An email released Friday shows that the Multi-State Lottery Association informed directors on Oct. 9 that it agreed to pay
Larry Dawson $1.5 million as a “full and final settlement” of his claims.
The association had refused to release details of the settlement. The Iowa Lottery, which is a member of the association, released the email in response to open records requests.



Biden To Wrap Up His Eight-Day Iowa Campaign Tour

STORM LAKE, Iowa (AP) – Joe Biden is nearing the end of his eight-day bus tour through Iowa, and the breadth of his campaign blitz shows his potential reach across a diverse Democratic electorate. Yet it also highlights the
sometimes-contradictory nature of Biden’s third run for the presidency. His advisers insist he doesn’t have to win Iowa to claim the Democratic nomination, with his support among minority voters giving him options in later states. But the emphasis on Iowa reflects a campaign that doesn’t want
to start the 2020 nominating calendar with a bad showing on Feb. 3.



Biden Says He Won’t Rule Out Having Donors As Ambassadors

DECORAH, Iowa (AP) – Joe Biden is declining to rule out appointing political donors to ambassadorships or other posts if he wins the 2020 presidential election. But he pledges that his nominees, regardless of their contributor status, would be the “best people” for their posts. Biden’s position diverges from fellow Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren, who has sworn off high-dollar fundraisers and repeatedly mocked the
longstanding bipartisan practice of U.S. presidents distributing
ambassadorships to some of their top campaign donors. Biden says there will be some “fully qualified” candidates for such jobs who may or may not have contributed.”



Klobuchar Says Her Midwest Values Are Catching On

INDIANOLA, Iowa (AP) – Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar and her Midwest sensibility show signs of gaining traction in Iowa, her neighboring state and where her presidential ambitions rise and fall. After aggressive debate performances and a subsequent fundraising surge, she’s adding staff in Iowa with signs she could surprise with a higher-than-expected finish in the lead-off caucuses on Feb. 3. The Democrat is finishing a three-day trip
through Iowa this weekend and plans to reach her 70th of Iowa’s 99 counties.



Warren And Buttigieg Sparring During Campaign

WASHINGTON (AP) – Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg have intensified their spat that puts a new focus on tensions between the party’s progressives and moderates in the Democratic presidential nomination. She scolded Mayor Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana, over attending closed-door fundraisers, and his camp quickly fired back. The debate exposes tensions about Warren’s strongly progressive platform, featuring a stiff wealth tax, universal health care and “structural changes” that would reshape the political system, and whether it may be too ambitious to survive a general election battle with President Donald Trump.



Public Won’t Have Much Time To Comment On Leasing Of Utilities

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) – The public won’t have time to scrutinize a 50-year plan to lease the University of Iowa’s utilities system to a for-profit operator before its governing board votes Tuesday. The university hasn’t released the names of the two companies that formed the winning bid or the size of the lump sum payment they’ll make under the deal. Iowa Board of
Regents spokesman Josh Lehman said those details will be released at Tuesday’s meeting, which has been called to consider approving the transaction. The transaction could be lucrative for the investors. Over 50 years, the university projects that payments to the private operator could exceed $6.8 billion.