County Compensation Board Recommends A 3.25% Increase In Salary Pay


(Le Mars) — The Plymouth County Compensation Board met yesterday afternoon at the county courthouse to hear comments from the county’s elected officials, and to offer a suggestion for compensation of salary to the Board of Supervisors as they begin the budget process. Each of the elected officials told the Compensation Board about the number of employees that are
within their departments, and how the workload has been increasing year after year. The elected officials compared their position with similar positions with other similar sized counties, and informed the compensation board where Plymouth County ranks in terms of salaries among the 99 counties of Iowa. County Auditor Stacey Feldman was absent from the meeting due to
illness, but she had submitted her salary increase requests through a letter to the compensation board. Feldman asked for a 2.75 percent increase in pay. County Recorder Jolynn Goodchild, requested a 3.0 percent increase, as did County Treasurer, Shelly Sitzmann. Sheriff Mike Van Otterloo informed
the board that in order to maintain a good staff of deputies, the county needs to consider to maintain a good salary. Van Otterloo suggested an increase of pay amounting to 3.5 percent. County Attorney, Darin Raymond also shared with the board the increase of workload for his staff, and asked for a 4.0 percent salary increase. Supervisors Don Kass and Gary Hortman
also appeared before the compensation board. Kass informed the compensation board that with his dealings with other county officials, he mentioned that Plymouth County is “one of the best run counties in the state of Iowa”, and it is mainly due to the hard work and dedication of the county’s elected officials. Kass asked the compensation board to consider offering a lower percentage of salary to the Board of Supervisors. Prior to deciding on the specific percentage of salary increase,
the compensation board approved the longevity pay scale. Those elected officials with between 5 and 10 years of service would be given a bonus pay of $120. Elected officials with between 11 and 15 years of service would receive $240. 16-20 year elected officials would get a bonus incentive pay of $360. $480 would be given to those officials with 21 to 25 years of service, and those with 26 or more years would receive $600 in longevity
bonus pay. As for the percentage increase, the compensation board made a motion to approve a 3.25 percent increase for the elected officials, and a 2.25 percent increase in pay for the county board of supervisors. The motion was approved by the board.   The Plymouth County Board of Supervisors will consider the recommendations submitted by the county compensation board when working on the next fiscal year’s budget.  In other action, Larry Petersen was re-elected to serve as the Compensation Board’s chairman. Members of the
Plymouth County Compensation Board include: Larry Petersen, Bruce Brock, Ralph Klemme, Pam Floy, Rick Kneip, and Chad Thompson.