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Monday News, January 20th


Iowa State Patrol Trooper Reminds Motorists To Drive Defensively And Eliminate Distractions

(Le Mars) — During the last few weeks, Plymouth County has had four traffic accident fatalities. That number is tragic and unfortunate. According to the Iowa Department of Transportation statistics, so far this year there have been 13 fatalities on Iowa roads, Plymouth County makes up one-fourth of the total fatalities for Iowa. John Farley with the Iowa State Patrol says our traffic accidents have had many factors.

Farley says Iowa State Patrol always sets the goal of under 300 fatalities for each year. Surprisingly, the number has been between 319 and 336 for the last several years. Farley says the last time Iowa was below 300 fatalities was back in 1925.

Farley says nearly a week ago, the Iowa State Patrol and other law enforcement officials responded to more than 60 accidents that occurred on Interstate 80 through Des Moines.

The Iowa State Patrol trooper says we all need to utilize defensive driving and no distractions when we take to the roadways.

Farley says every time we drive, whether it is for a short distance, or a long journey, we need to buckle our seat belts, and he says be aware of your surroundings.



Le Mars Community Student Council To Collect Items To Create Care Packages For Military.

(Le Mars) — The Le Mars Community High School Student Union is wanting to provide soldiers and sailors with a care package. The program is being referred to as “Hoops for Troops” and people planning to attend a Le Mars Community basketball game between now through February 7th are encouraged to
donate items for the care packages. Dylan Carlson is a senior at Le Mars Community and a member of the student council. He explains the purpose behind “Hoops for Troops.”

The program will be kicked off on Tuesday evening when the Le Mars Community Bulldogs compete against the Sergeant Bluff-Luton Warriors. Carlson says they are wanting a variety of packaged food items.

Carlson says other food items that are needed include: fruit cups, snack-size peanut butter, veggies and soups. The program is also in need of other non-food items.

Carlson says other needed items include batteries, lip balm, trail mix, sunflower seeds, and high quality socks.
The Le Mars Community senior says the goal of the student council is to fill 50 boxes.

Carlson says student council members will be near the gym entrance collecting the care package items for the members of the military.

Donated items can be brought to any basketball game, or they can be dropped off at the Le Mars Community High School Office.



Presidential Candidates Seeking First Time Caucus Participants

OTTUMWA, Iowa (AP) – Bernie Sanders is seeking out first-time Iowa caucus participants where they live, work and shop. Pete Buttigieg is signaling to them through friends of supporters and closing the deal in big rallies. The strategies represent one of the most important pieces of a winning presidential Iowa campaign: getting new people to participate. It always matters, but in a highly competitive Democratic presidential caucus campaign, expanding the electorate is vitally important for the pack of four candidates scrambling to break out in the coming two weeks. The candidate who turns out the most and the broadest array of first time participants stands a very good chance of winning.



Biden Calls Out Sanders For “Doctored Video”

INDIANOLA, Iowa (AP) – Joe Biden has called for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign to “disown” what he calls “doctored video” that some Sanders supporters say shows the former vice president endorsing Republican calls to cut Social Security and Medicare. Top Sanders’ aides have in recent weeks circulated video clips of Biden discussing Social Security and Medicare over the years. One of them shows him saying former Republican Speaker Paul Ryan was “right” when he said Republicans would have to consider entitlement spending after the GOP tax cuts. But the clip misses Biden’s larger point accusing the GOP of a cynical legislative strategy to force the issue. Biden told voters in Iowa that Sanders should “disown” the video, which he called “doctored.” Sanders campaign has not immediately responded.



Sanders Stepping Up Women’s Rights Message During Campaign

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. (AP) – Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is stepping up his pitch to women in early-voting New Hampshire on the heels of a squabble over sexism in politics with fellow progressive and 2020 rival Elizabeth Warren.├íThe Vermont senator attended the Seacoast Women’s March in Portsmouth on Saturday and had a message for men: He said if they think abortion rights, and “equal pay for equal work” are just women’s issues, they “are dead wrong.” His remarks came a day after his campaign released two television ads in New Hampshire. One ad says that, under President Donald Trump, “women’s rights are under attack.”



Senators Involved With Impeachment Trial May Have Their Campaigns Interrupted

NEWTON, Iowa (AP) – The Senate impeachment trial schedule means this may well be the last full weekend of campaigning in Iowa for some Democratic candidates. Four senators in the race will serve as jurors in the trial of President Donald Trump. They are Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and Michael Bennet of Colorado. That’s left their campaigns scrambling to come up with ways to keep them on voters’ radars in Iowa and the early-voting states. It could also be an advantage for two of their rivals, former Vice President Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana.



Buttigieg Says His Military Experience Makes Him A Better Commanding Officer Than Trump

ANKENY, Iowa (AP) – Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg says the Oval Office benefits from the perspective of a commander in chief who has served in the military in wartime. During an interview in Iowa Saturday, Buttigieg says his service gives him a special understanding of deployed men and women. He says it sets him apart from not only his top tier rivals, but President Donald Trump. He says, “That perspective is needed especially when we’ve got a president who thinks that strength is the same as the chest-thumping of the loudmouth guy at the end of the bar.”