Grassley Comments On Passed US-Mex-Can Trade Agreement


(Washington) — Calling it a big victory for farmers, U-S Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa says the recently passed US-Mexico-Canada agreement, along with the signing of phase one of the Chinese-US trade will mean additional agricultural products will soon enter all three markets.

Grassley says the two agreements will also benefit many manufacturing and businesses. He points to the auto industry as his example as how it will be better under the terms with the US-Mexico-Canada agreement.

The Iowa Republican Senator says labor and the production of the automobiles will also be better under the US-Mexico-Canada trade agreement.

Grassley says under the phase one signed agreement with China, the Chinese have agreed to some terms the U-S has wanted for a number of years in terms of intellectual property.

Grassley made his comments during his weekly news conference with news media. He says the two trade agreements were promises delivered by President Trump and by a Republican Senate majority.