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Wednesday Afternoon News, February 5th


Ernst Comments On State Of The Union Address, Pelosi, and Iowa Caucus

(Washington) — Iowa Senator Joni Ernst, a Republican from Red Oak, is not pleased with Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s action to tear up a copy of the President’s speech right after he finished the State of the Union.
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Ernst says it was not appropriate.
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Some of the trying times that Ernst refers to is the impeachment hearings.
She says she will vote against impeachment when it comes before the U-S Senate.
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Ernst was also asked about the issues with the Iowa Caucuses during her weekly conference call with reporters. She doesn’t buy into any conspiracy theories about what happened.
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She says the Iowa Caucuses are still important in the selection of the president.
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*Ernst says she will continue to defend the process because she believes it puts the candidates through a rigorous test with all the questions they face in the state.



Grassley Believes Iowa Will Retain Its First-in-the Nation Status

(Washington) — Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says Iowa -will- continue to hold it’s first-in-the-nation presidential caucuses, despite the long delay in releasing results from last (Monday) night’s Democratic gatherings. There is widespread, bipartisan criticism of Iowa’s caucus system from local precinct captains to the national level, but Grassley says Iowans shouldn’t fear the loss of any status — or the next caucuses in four years.
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President Trump’s campaign manager calls the caucus chaos “the sloppiest train wreck in history,” while Joe Biden’s legal counsel charges there are “considerable flaws” in the caucus reporting system. President Trump tweeted the contest was an “unmitigated disaster” but added: “It is not the fault of
Iowa, it is the Do Nothing Democrats fault. As long as I am President, Iowa will stay where it is. Important tradition!” Grassley says that’s key and this won’t be Iowa’s last-first presidential contest.
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Grassley released a joint statement this morning with fellow Republicans Governor Kim Reynolds and Senator Joni Ernst. The statement says: “Iowa’s bipartisan first-in-the-nation status helped lead to the nomination of President Obama and has the full backing of President Trump. The process is not suffering because of a short delay in knowing the final results. Iowans
and all Americans should know we have complete confidence that every last vote will be counted and every last voice will be heard.” Grassley predicts the caucuses -will- return to Iowa in four years.
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Without the caucuses, Grassley notes Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama likely never would have become presidents. The joint statement adds: “Iowa’s unique role encourages a grassroots nominating process that empowers everyday Americans, not Washington insiders or powerful billionaires. The face-to-
face retail politics nature of Iowa’s caucus system also encourages dialogue between candidates and voters that makes our presidential candidates accountable for the positions they take and the records they hold. Iowa’s large population of independent voters and its practice of careful deliberation contributes greatly to the national presidential primary and
makes it the ideal state to kick off the nominating process.”



Robbery Charges Added To Two Men Suspected Of Killing Two Brothers

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) – Another robbery charge has been filed against two men suspected of killing two brothers and a teenage friend at a southeast Des Moines duplex. Emmanuel Totaye Jr. and Daishawn Gills already are charged with murder and robbery connected to last Thursday’s shootings. Polk
County court records don’t list the names of lawyers for them. Police said in news release Wednesday that the two assaulted and robbed a juvenile at his home earlier on the day of the shootings. Totaye and Gills are accused of killing 19-year-old Devonte and 16-year-old Malachi Swanks and a friend,
15-year-old Thayne Wright.



Kansas Man Accused Of Killing Four Iowa Motorcycle Victims Takes Plea Agreement

OGALLALA, Neb. (AP) – A Kansas man charged with the Nebraska collision deaths of four Iowa motorcyclists has taken a plea deal. Jeser Cisneros- Hernandez, of Liberal, Kansas, pleaded no contest Tuesday in Ogallala to reckless and willful vehicular homicide. Prosecutors dropped three more counts and two other charges in return for his pleas. His sentencing is scheduled for April 3. Prosecutors have said Cisneros-Hernandez’s vehicle
hit two motorcycles carrying two people each on July 1, 2017, near Ogallala, Two of them were Sheila and James Matheny, from Bedford, Iowa. The other motorcyclists were Michal and Jerolyn Weese, who lived in Council Bluffs, Iowa.