Steve King Comments On COVID-19 Relief Bill


(Kiron) — The U-S House of Representatives are expected to vote on the $2.2 trillion dollar COVID-19 Relief Bill on Friday. The Senate finally passed the measure on Wednesday after some contentious debate and stone-walling.
Initially, the measure was voted down in the Senate on Monday when the bill was split down party lines. Iowa 4th District Republican Congressman Steve King says he is certain the expensive relief bill will pass the House on Friday. What he is not certain about is whether the vote can be conducted by a voice vote, or if a roll-call vote will be called, requiring Congressional
members to return to Washington.

King says the bill contains nearly 900 pages. Although King says he supports the bill, he is troubled by the portion dealing with additional payments to unemployed workers. The Republican Congressman wants to make certain people have an incentive to return to work.

King says Congress needs to act on this measure quickly, and he says there isn’t enough time to conduct much debate on the bill’s merits.

Congressman Steve King says the nation’s economy has been hit hard by the spread of the coronavirus.  Although he remains optimistic, King says it may be several months before the economy can bounce back to the levels prior to the pandemic.

King says he believes the economy will pick up in the Midwestern states first, and then go to the coastal communities.

The Iowa Republican Congressman says government relief checks to individuals and family members may be issued and sent within a matter of weeks.

King says rather than making one large payment, he would have favored incremental payments spread over the course of several months, and hopefully having a better idea of knowing how much money would be required for the coronavirus relief package.