Area Schools Offer Free Lunches During COVID19 Scare


Le Mars Community School District Food Service Director, Judy Lubben passes free lunches to students inside a vehicle as part of the “Grab and Go” food distribution program.

(Le Mars) — Many area school districts, including the Le Mars Community School District, are offering free lunches to students during this time when schools are temporarily recessed due to the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Judy Lubben serves as the Director of Food Services for the Le Mars Community School District and is overseeing the local “Grab and Go” lunch distribution program. Lubben says it is set up similar to the summer-based lunch program.

Lubben says, so far, her staff has created about half the number of daily lunches for the “Grab and Go” program as would be for the regular school lunch menu served if school was in session.

The school district food service director believes the program will grow, especially, if the threat of the coronavirus continues. Lubben says the lunches are available to any student in Le Mars, and not limited to just those attending Le Mars Community.

Lubben says the meals are free to the students, as the program is being financed through a grant with the U-S Department of Agriculture.

Lubben says the qualifications for the free lunch are fairly simple.

The Le Mars program serves both breakfast and lunches, and are offered at Clark Elementary and the Le Mars Community High School at their respective loading docks. Lubben says this week the lunches have consisted of cold sandwiches, but next week, her staff will begin serving hot meals.

In addition to Le Mars, Kingsley-Pierson and the MMCRU school district are also offering free lunches through the “Grab and Go” program.