Feenstra Defeats King For Republican Nomination For Iowa’s 4th Congressional District


(Le Mars) — State Senator Randy Feenstra has defeated incumbent Congressman Steve King for the republican nomination for the Iowa 4th Congressional District.

Feenstra, of Hull, was able to defeat King in Plymouth County by a vote of 1,745 to 1,181, or 53 percent to King’s 36 percent. Feenstra was also able to defeat King for the entire 39-county district. The Sioux County State Senator garnered 36,797 votes or 45 percent to King’s 28,977 votes or 35 percent. Plymouth County Auditor’s office indicated a total of 4,271 votes were cast for the primary election, or about 24 percent of the 17,792
registered voters. In the Democratic Senate race, Theresa Greenfield easily defeated the other four candidates. Greenfield acquired 582 votes in Plymouth County, compared to the next closest candidate was Michael Franken with 191 votes, and Kimberly Graham placed third with 118 votes. Greenfield also was determined to be the winner through out the entire state.


Plymouth County Primary Election Results

(Le Mars) — Each of the candidates running for office in Plymouth County won the primary election, mainly as a result of running unopposed. Stacey Feldman won the republican nomination for county auditor, Gary Horton will now advance to the general election without an opponent for county supervisor,
as will new-comer Mike Van Otterloo, who will resign from being Plymouth
County Sheriff on December 31st. Van Otterloo is seeking a position as a county supervisor taking over the spot held by Mark Loutsch. Chief Deputy Jeff TeBrink will be running unopposed for the county sheriff’s position, and State Representative Dr. Tom Jeneary will move on to the general election, also unopposed. In the District 3 State House race which involves the eastern townships of Plymouth County, along with Cherokee County, Dennis Bush was able to defeat his two opponets, Lynn Evans and Mark McHugh. Bush captured 2,214 votes over Evans with 1,935, and McHugh’s 1,165 votes.

Position          Candidate           Votes          Write-in

Auditor             Feldman               2,991               4

Supervisor 5     Horton                  2,812               5

Supervisor 2     Van Otterloo          2,990              26

Sheriff              TeBrink                 2,956              13

State Rep 5       Jeneary                2,844               17

State Rep 3       Bush                         74

Evans                        23

McHugh                    16

State Sen 2       Taylor                     112                0

U-S Senate        Ernst                    3,041              16

U-S Iowa 4th     Feenstra                1,745

King                      1,181

Taylor                      160

Richards                   102

Reeder                       60


Democrat Results

U-S Senate           Greenfield                582

Franken                   191

Graham                    118