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Tuesday News, July 7th


County Supervisors To Convene For Weekly Meeting

(Le Mars) — Plymouth County Board of Supervisors have a light agenda for today’s weekly meeting. The county governing board is expected to approve the job description and contract for Sioux Rivers Mental Health Services Coordinator. The county supervisors will hear from surveyor Pat Bickett with
Schlotfeldt Engineering as he is seeking approval of Schenzel Addition in Hungerford township. County Engineer Tom Rohe is scheduled to appear before the county board to discuss current and upcoming road construction projects.



City Council To Award Contract For Industrial Park Grading Project

(Le Mars) — The Le Mars city council will hold their meeting today beginning at 12:00 noon at the city council chambers. The city council has only one action item on today’s agenda, and that is the awarding of a contract for the 2020 Industrial Park grading project. As part of the consent items, the city has received three requests for properties to be approved under the Urban
Revitalization Plan. The city council will also most likely approve a resolution that would direct utility payments for taxation purposes be directed to the county treasurer.



Floyd Valley Healthcare Urges People To Discard Expired Medications

(Le Mars) — Floyd Valley Healthcare is wanting to know if people have been properly disposing expired medications and prescriptions? Have you organized your medicine cabinet lately? Did you find expired medicine, over-the-counter medications or supplements? Some medication can become toxic the
longer that they are overdue. And it is not safe to give prescription medicines to others. Floyd Valley Healthcare encourages you to dispose of unwanted or expired medicine at their new MedSafe collection point located in the entry vestibule inside the West Entrance.

This drop-off can dispose of:

· prescription medicines

· OTC medicines

· dietary supplements

· inhalers.



To properly dispose of medications and supplements:

1) Identify expired medications. Put them aside and out-of-reach of children

2) Follow label instructions for proper disposable as some medicines may have special instructions. DO NOT flush any medicine down the toilet or pour into a sink or drain.

3) Take the unwanted medication drop-off, such as the one at FVH.

4) Medications do not need to be in their original container to dispose of them. If you do bring in their container, please remove all personal details, such as name and address label, from the medication before dropping it off. If you cannot remove, black out this information.

5) This is NOT a drop off for sharp containers.

It is essential to dispose of any unwanted medication safely to protect other people and animals from taking them by mistake. Disposing of medications properly protects others AND the environment by:

· preventing drug abuse and health risks

· protecting the environment by keeping contaminants out of lakes, rivers, streams and other natural resources

· ensuring that wildlife will not have accident ingestion if they
rummage through your garbage.



Le Mars Fire and Rescue Department Had A Busy Holiday Weekend

(Le Mars) — The Independence Day weekend proved to be a busy one for the Le Mars Fire and Rescue Department as they responded to eight different calls from Friday afternoon through Sunday evening. Fire Chief Dave Schipper says they responded to accidents, grass fires, dumpster fires, and home fires. He
says there were a few that were fireworks related.

Schipper says another fireworks related call was a grass fire reported Saturday afternoon that occurred near the Little League and Riverview ball parks west of town along Highway 3.

The Le Mars Fire Chief says firefighters responded to another fireworks related call Saturday evening.

Schipper says both the fire department and the police department were monitoring the discharge of fireworks throughout the holiday weekend. He says the fire department had to respond to a couple of fire calls, one that was at a home, and another at an apartment complex, that were not associated
with any fireworks.

In addition to the fire calls, the Le Mars Fire and Rescue Department assisted with the two-vehicle accident that happened Sunday afternoon at the intersection of 220th Street and Lynx Avenue. The fire department finished their weekend duties by working with a pyrotechnician during the Sky Show
fireworks display Sunday evening.



Suspect Sent Messages To Woman Saying He Would Kill Her – If He Could Get Away With It

(Perry, IA) — A 37-year-old Perry man is charged with stalking after allegedly sending text messages to the mother of his child saying he would kill her – if he could get away with it. Benjamin Ohrtman was booked into the Dallas County Jail Monday. When the woman filed an original domestic abuse complaint she shared some of those texts. She told the court they made her feel “frightened, intimidated and threatened.” A no-contact order was
put in place. Ohrtman has a preliminary hearing scheduled for next week.




Grassley: Wouldn’t Have Objection To Renaming Military Bases

(Washington, DC) — U-S Senator Chuck Grassley says he wouldn’t have an objection to the idea of renaming military bases. The Iowa Republican says we should avoid a knee-jerk reaction to the names of Confederate generals associated with those bases. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren added an
amendment to a military spending bill last month which would remove those names within three years. President Trump has said he would veto the bill.
Grassley says he would hope the president wouldn’t veto the bill over the amendment, but he is pretty sure there would be enough votes to override.




Detective: Man Facing Execution In 10 Days Could Solve Huisentruit Case

(Mason City, IA) — A private investigator says a man facing execution in 10 days has information that could solve the Jodi Huisentruit case. Dustin Honken is scheduled to be put to death at a federal penitentiary in Indiana July 17th for killing five people. Iowa-licensed private investigator Steve Ridge has been working on the Huisentruit case for the last two years. The
former news anchor went missing 25 years ago. Ridge says Honken is either responsible for her disappearance or knows what happened to her. Ridge says he is confident the cold case will be solved soon. Huisentruit was a 27-year-old news anchor for Mason City television station K-I-M-T when she went
missing in 1995.




2 Dubuque People Headed To Prison For Wire Fraud

(Cedar Rapids, IA) — A federal judge has sentenced a Dubuque couple to two years in prison for taking money from the husband’s mother. Sixty-six-year-old H. David Derby and 52-year-old Patti Lynn Derby were sentenced Monday.
Each of them had entered guilty pleas last September. Federal prosecutors told the court they took more than 200 thousand dollars from the victim, a widow living in an assisted living facility in Dubuque. She wasn’t able to manage her affairs due to mental and physical disabilities. The mother died last March.