Solar Energy Project Introduced In Cherokee County


(Marcus) — A new solar energy farm has been constructed on a hog farm near Marcus, and on Tuesday, officials with the Blue Horizon Energy company of Minnesota demonstrated to dignitaries, including U-S Senator Joni Ernst and Iowa Agriculture Secretary Mike Naig the importance of solar energy as the
next wave of renewable fuel sources. Ernst says she was impressed with the solar panels used to generate electricity.

The solar farm is surrounded by several wind turbines, and a corn-based ethanol plant is nearby. Ernst confirmed Iowa’s top position as a leader with renewable energy.

Iowa Agriculture Secretary Mike Naig calls the new solar farm located on a hog farm as another way to “harvest the sun.”

Griffin Dooling is the president of Blue Horizon Energy, a Minnesota company behind the solar energy project. Dooling explains how the solar panels will provide the energy needs for a hog farm.

Dooling says the solar farm should generate enough energy on a monthly basis to off-set the power from Mid-American Energy.

MMCRU school district has made the decision to also begin a solar energy project as school superintendent Dan Barkel explains.

Barkel says the school hopes to save money on its energy usage utility bill by using the solar panels.

Officials with the Blue Horizon Energy anticipate solar energy will become more popular within the next five to ten years.