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Thursday Afternoon News, July 30th


Life Skills To Hold Cow Pie Bossy Bingo On Sunday

(Le Mars) — Earlier this week, we discussed the Life Skills Training Center annual quilt auction, which this year, because there isn’t a county fair due to the coronavirus pandemic, the auction is being held on-line. But the quilt auction is only one fund raiser for the Life Skills. Another annual event is
the cow pie bossy bingo, which will be held this year. Shelly Thomson says as in the past, the bossy bingo will be held on Sunday.

If you are interested in viewing the cow bingo, Thomson says there is plenty of room for social distancing.

During the last few years, it wasn’t long after the cow was introduced to the marked area that the cow did her business, and the contest was quickly over.

The Life Skills official says tickets are available at many Plymouth County banks.

Tickets for your chance for a parcel of land are available for five dollars.




Law Firm Releases Report On Hawkeye Football

(Iowa City, IA) — A Kansas City law firm has concluded its report on alleged racial disparities in the Iowa football program. The report says the Iowa football program adheres to a philosophy that mandates conformity and discourages individualism. Forty-five current and 29 former players were
among those interviewed by the law firm and many felt the foundation of discipline allowed some coaches to bully and demean athletes and many black players felt targeted. Athletic director Gary Barta and head coach Kirk Ferentz will address the findings at a news conference this afternoon.




Unemployment Claims Down In Last Week

(Des Moines, IA) — Iowa Workforce Development says continuing unemployment claims were down by nearly five-thousand (4,970) from the previous week. The number of first-time unemployment claims were down by nearly 14-hundred
(1,370), coming in at seven-thousand-441. Manufacturing continued to see the most first-time claims at 18-hundred-50. Self-employed and independent contractors reported one-thousand-154 first-time claims.




Alcoholic Beverages Divisions To Crack Down On Social Distancing Violations

(Des Moines, IA) — A state agency will take “additional steps” to enforce social distancing in Iowa bars and restaurants — and that includes shutting a business down for violations. The announcement from the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division includes a warning from its director that businesses need
to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 — and bars and restaurants that choose not to will face consequences. Businesses are to provide six-feet of social distancing between customers and patrons cannot roam but must be seated to be served. A bar or restaurant that serves liquor faces a one-
thousand dollar fine on a first offense — a business that just serves food will first get a warning. On a third offense, the state will revoke the operating license for the bar or restaurant.




ISEA Has Petition Calling For Change In School Plan

(Des Moines, IA) — The Iowa State Education Association says 36-thousand people have signed an online petition opposing Governor Kim Reynolds’ requirement that 50-percent of school instruction be in-person. Some districts planned to keep classes mostly, or completely, virtual to start the year to protect teachers and students from coronavirus. The governor’s order also lowers the requirements for substitute teachers, something the I-S-E-A is also against.