School Board Hears Concerns From Parents Against Mask Mandate


Members of the Le Mars Community Board of Education listen to parents share their concerns about the mandatory mask requirement for when school begins in two weeks.

(Le Mars) — Nearly 30 parents and other concerned community people attended last evening’s (Monday) Le Mars Community Board of Education meeting to express their opinions regarding the mandated requirement for students, faculty, and staff
to wear face coverings or masks during school hours. The school board approved the measure during their last special meeting. School Superintendent, Dr. Steven Webner informed the gathering the board made the decision to require masks be worn following recommendations and discussions with the Centers for Disease Control, Iowa Department of Public Health, and the Plymouth County Health Department. A half dozen people took the opportunity to address the school board beginning with a student of Le Mars Community. Isabelle Manning informed the board why she opposes the mask mandate.

Many of those who spoke said they wished the school had conducted a poll or questionnaire with parents to get their thoughts about whether or not masks should be worn. Jean Hansen, an employee at Le Mars Community School informed the school board that there isn’t any science study indicating masks will work to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The Kluckholm teacher associate then proceeded to tell board members that statistics show children rarely get severely ill from the virus.

Hansen admitted she rarely uses a mask, and even commented she had difficulty in breathing when wearing a mask. She then proceeded to tell school board members the dangers of wearing a mask.

Hansen then told the school board of personal research she has conducted involving using mask and the low levels of oxygen.

Some parents said prior to the COVID-19 era, they constantly wondered if their children may be in danger of contracting other diseases while attending school such as measles, chicken pox, mumps, influenza, pink eye, head lice, or a host of other diseases, and no preventable action was ever taken. Dr. Webner told the parents that if the school doesn’t follow the recommendations set up by health officials it could place the school in a legal liability position.  Check back for additional comments made by parents at the school board meeting.