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Thursday Afternoon News, September 10th


Governor Reynolds Talks About The Need To Teach Students At The Schools During Her News Conference

(Des Moines) — During her news conference, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds was asked several questions relating to schools and the decision to hold in-person classes, or have remote on-line learning. Reynolds continued to defend her position and the state law that requires at least half of the time of a student’s education should be “in person.” Reynolds says the Des Moines
School District is the only school district in Iowa that has not submitted a plan for “Return to Learn.” The Des Moines School system has filed a lawsuit against the governor advocating an all “on-line” remote education program.
The governor says there are many students who need the additional attention through a class room setting.

Reynolds informed the news media that “on-line” learning is great for those parents that have the means to make it work. However, according to Reynolds, it is not the best solution for many school students across the state that “live in stressed economic conditions.” Reynolds says some parents have
invested in tutors to help their children learn, and the governor was quick to say, parents involved in their children’s educational development is a good thing. But, she says not all students have that opportunity or available options.

Reynolds also reiterated her position regarding sports and other extra curricular activities saying if a school should need to temporarily adopt an “on-line” learning system, then that school district should be suspended during that time.




Reynolds Emphasizes Mental Health And Well Being

(Des Moines) — One of the topics addressed by Governor Reynolds during her news conference was the need to watch our friends and family members with their mental health and well-being. The governor says that today (Thursday) is “World Suicide Prevention Day.” She says the suicide rate has increased
dramatically during the last ten years, and suicides are more common to occur in rural areas than in the urban settings. Liz Cox with the Polk County Mental Health Regional Services also appeared with the governor, and informed the news media that anxiety and depression issues have reached an all-time

Cox says women are more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression than men. She says how we deal with the symptoms of depression are also equally important.

The governor told of a website entitled: Your Life Iowa.org as a resource to assist with mental health concerns.




Lt. Governor Offers Update On Iowa’s Food Security Status

(Des Moines) — Iowa’s Lt. Governor Adam Gregg appeared at the Governor’s news conference Thursday to offer an update regarding Iowa’s food security following the derecho storm and the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. Gregg heads up the task force with the responsibility to make certain Iowans don’t go hungry. The Lt. Governor says funding was made available through the CARES Act. The governor recently increased the funding allocation level to $3.9 million dollars. Lt. Governor Gregg spoke of the efforts to stock up Iowa food banks and food pantries with protein meat sources.

Gregg says the meat is being processed at the Iowa State University Meats Laboratory.

The Lt. Governor says a problem with many local food pantries is they lack proper refrigeration. He says $440,000 was spent to obtain 113 refrigerators and freezers in 51 counties that were distributed to the state’s various food pantries. In addition, Gregg says Iowa’s poultry producers have also stepped up and contributed to the program.

Gregg says there is one area of need, and that is the need for more volunteers to assist with re-packaging of food items.