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Sunday News, January 17

Rescue Units Respond To Roll-Over Accident

(Le Mars) -- Local rescue units had to brave the extreme sub-zero cold temperatures and strong winds Saturday evening as they responded to an auto accident located on Highway 60 near 140th Street.  Plymouth County Sheriff's Office received a call of a motor vehicle accident.  The accident was reported at about 8:45 p.m.  The caller reported that the vehicle had flipped several times.  Plymouth County Sheriff's deputies, Le Mars Fire and Rescue and the Le Mars Ambulance Services were dispatched to the location.  Upon arrival, deputies located a 1992 Cadillac Deville several hundred yards in a field east of Highway 60.  The car was upside down resting on its top.  The driver of the vehicle was unresponsive and trapped inside the vehicle.  Le Mars Fire and Rescue Department personnel freed the driver and Le Mars Ambulance transported the subject to Floyd Valley Healthcare. He was then transferred by helicopter to a Sioux Falls hospital with serious injuries.  The driver has been identified as 56 year old Joseph Chacon of Le Mars.  The vehicle is listed as being totaled.  Chacon had been traveling southbound on Highway 60 north of the intersection of 140th Street. The vehicle left the roadway and entered the median, then crossed the northbound lanes and entered the east ditch.  Upon entering the ditch, the vehicle vaulted and began to roll several times, finally coming to a rest on its top.  The accident remains under investigation and charges are pending.  It is believed that alcohol played a factor in this accident.





Fatal Accident Reported In Buena Vista County

(Storm Lake) -- Buena Vista authorities are reporting a fatal auto accident happened on Friday evening located on Highway 71 and 615th Street in Buena Vista County.  The accident involved a northbound vehicle that collided with a southbound semi-truck and trailer.  It was also discovered a southbound vehicle also collided following the semi-truck and trailer also was damaged due to debris from the initial collision.  The driver of the northbound vehicle was 25 year old Anthony Bruhl of Storm Lake, had to be extricated from the vehicle by rescue personnel from the Storm Lake Fire Department.  Bruhl was pronounced dead at the scene by Buena Vista Regional Medical Center paramedics.  The driver of the semi-truck was identified as 54 year old Geoffrey Sonnemaker of Omaha, Nebraska did not suffer any injuries.  The driver of the third vehicle that collided with the debris on the roadway, was identified as 29 year old Krysten Tatum of Sac City reported having possible minor injuries, but was not transported to the hospital by ambulance.  The accident is still under investigation.  The Buena Vista Sheriff's Office was assisted at the scene by the Buena Vista Sheriff's Reserves, Storm Lake Police Department, Storm Lake Fire Department, Sac County Sheriff's Office, Iowa State Patrol, Iowa Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Enforcement, Buena Vista Regional Medical Center Ambulance, and the Buena Vista Medical Examiner.





Marco Rubio Brings Presidential Campaign To Dordt College

(Sioux Center) -- Republican presidential candidate and Florida Senator Marco Rubio brought his campaign to northwest Iowa on a cold January Saturday evening.  The reception he received was much warmer than the temperatures outside.  Several times during the 20 minute address, the crowd of nearly 400 people applauded Rubio for his comments referencing family values, and the need to return to family values. Rubio informed the republican supporters that 2016 will be a "turning point" in America.  He continued by saying President Obama has nearly destroyed everything that this nation believed in when the founding fathers created the Constitution.  The young Florida Senator says President Obama has ignored the Constitution, undermines religious liberties, views the United States as an arrogant empire, which he has to constantly apologize for its actions. Rubio continued to say President Obama has cut the military to dangerous levels.  Rubio says the federal government really has only one job, and "that is to protect its people and keep us safe from our enemies".

Rubio reminded the Saturday evening gathering that in less than five years during Obama's administration, the United States has the smallest army since World War II, the smallest Navy, and the smallest Air Force.  Rubio pledged he would re-build our military forces.  Rubio also said, if elected to president, he would take care of our veterans.  "They took care of us and placed themselves on the front lines for this great nation, it is time we take better care of them".

The 44 year old presidential candidate asked the crowd "are we going to stay on this road, or, choose another path?"  The descendant of Cuban immigrants reminded the crowd that he was raised in a modest family as the son of a bar tender, and he knows what it is like to live from paycheck to paycheck.  He asked the crowd, "how can Hillary (Hillary Rodham Clinton) lecture me?"  The Florida Senator informed the gathering that when he is elected to president, on day one, he would repeal all of President Obama's illegal executive orders, cancel the Iranian nuclear deal, and form a "Convention of States".  Rubio reassured the people that he wouldn't go near the First or Second, or the Fifth Amendment.  But he would advocate a balanced budget amendment.  The Republican presidential candidate says he would ask the people to adopt a plan to have term limits for all elected officials, including House of Representatives and Senators.  He also says the nation needs to place term limits for our judges.  Rubio says he want to "fix our tax code".  Rubio reminded the people that all of the other Republican presidential candidates talk about repealing the Affordable Healthcare Act, known better as "Obamacare", he is the only candidate that has successfully did something against "Obamacare".  Rubio says he was able to dismiss the "bailout fund" that was to help insurance companies that was a part of the Affordable Healthcare Act.

During his address, Rubio says he favors more vocational schools and suggests many people look at vocational schools as a viable option for training for career opportunities.  Rubio says the cure to poverty is a good paying job, and he says there are many vocational careers that offer good paying jobs.

The Floridian says that he is the only republican candidate that can defeat Hillary Clinton.  Rubio says she lied to America about her emails, she lied to America about the Libyan massacre on our ambassador and U-S troops.

When members of the audience had the opportunity to ask questions of the presidential candidate, the first question dealt with what is Rubio's thoughts on the new policy with Cuba.  Rubio's parents were Cuban refugees when they fled the country when Fidel Castro obtained power in the Caribbean island nation.  Rubio informed the crowd that the Cuban agreement was much like any other agreement President Obama and his administration have negotiated.  He says "Cuba gets everything, and we (the United States) got nothing".  He told of how many billions of dollars were given to Cuba, but the Castro brothers refused to allow political prisoners to obtain their freedom and allow them to come to the United States.  A second audience member seemed to challenge Rubio on his position regarding Edward Snowden.  Rubio referred to Snowden as a traitor of the United States.  Rubio was also asked about his likely appointments to the Supreme Court, if he is elected to be president.  The Florida Senator was also asked about the wave of police brutality that is happening across the nation at many urban cities.  Rubio responded by saying, there perhaps a few police officers that have crossed the line, but he was quick to stand up for the men and women of blue showing his support, saying the nation needs to thank our police officers for the thankless job they do each and every day.

Prior to Marco Rubio addressing the crowd, two of his supporters spoke to the gathering.  South Dakota Republican Congresswoman Kristie Noem and Republican Colorado Senator Cory Gardner both explained why they have chosen to endorse Rubio for president.




Extreme Cold Temperatures Are Dangerous

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) - For a second straight weekend, frigid temperatures will combine with winds to make for some dangerously low wind chills in Iowa and Nebraska.
The National Weather service said temperatures dipped into the single digits Saturday and will hover around zero for much of Sunday in northeastern Nebraska and much of Iowa.
Winds of 10 to 20 miles per hour will produce wind chills of between 5-below zero to as low as 30-below in northeastern Nebraska overnight. In northern Iowa, where a wind chill warning has been issued, residents could see wind chills as low as 35-below.
Weather officials warn that wind chills that low can lead to frostbite within minutes for any exposed skin.
Residents are asked to stay in heated areas and bundle up if they must head outside.




Deadly Fire

BOXHOLM, Iowa (AP) - Three children and one adult died in a house fire overnight as firefighters battled bitter cold in the central Iowa town of Boxholm.
Boone County Emergency Management Coordinator Dave Morlan tells the Des Moines Register ( ) firefighters had problems with their gear because of the cold.
The fire was reported around 12:45 a.m. Sunday when the temperature was 6 degrees below zero.
Morlan says several pumps froze up on the fire trucks, and at one point Boxholm's system ran out of water and firefighters had to bring more in from outside of town.
The Iowa State Fire Marshall's office is investigating the fire.





Cruz Supporters Boo Trump At Rally

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (AP) - Donald Trump is running afoul of some tea party activists by attacking Republican presidential rival Ted Cruz.
Trump suggested Saturday that the Texas senator is owned by big banks like Citi and Goldman Sachs. The billionaire businessman made the comments at a tea party convention in South Carolina in front of crowd split among supports of the two leading GOP White House contenders.
Trump has hammered Cruz for not disclosing in Federal Elections Commission filings that he used loans from the Wall Street giants to help finance his 2012 Senate bid.
At the end of his speech, Trump said, "If you give a campaign contribution to Ted Cruz you get whatever the hell you want."
Many Cruz supporters booed. Cruz did not directly mention Trump in his appearance earlier Saturday.





Jeb Bush Argues With Audience Member About Foreign Policy

AMHERST, N.H. (AP) - A fiery Jeb Bush is defending his foreign policy strategies in the face of criticism from a Donald Trump supporter who showed up at one of Bush's town hall meetings.
Christopher Mazeral is a town chairman for Trump's campaign in New Hampshire. He says creating a no-fly zone over Syria amounts to an act of war against Russia, which has deployed sophisticated surface to air missiles and jets to the country. But Bush says creating such a zone would send a message to Russia that the United States is "back in the game." He says the United States can't outsource the fight against the Islamic State group to Russia.
Bush has made foreign policy a centerpiece of his campaign. He's proposed a stronger response to the Islamic State group that could include putting U.S. troops on the ground in Syria.





Democratic Campaigns Get Contentious

WASHINGTON (AP) - There was a time when Democrats fretted about Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign becoming a coronation.
According to that thinking, Clinton would have been left without the tests of a primary season to prepare for the November matchup against the Republican nominee.
But not anymore.
In the past two weeks, the Democratic race has gone from a relatively civil disagreement over policy to a contentious competition between Clinton and Bernie Sanders.
Clinton's institutional strength and her support among minority voters still put her in a formidable position.
But should Sanders prevail in Iowa and New Hampshire - the first states on the 2016 calendar - then Clinton's bid to succeed President Barack Obama may mean a much longer and messier path than her supporters once envisioned.


Saturday News, January 16

Judge Says Neunaber Is Competent To Stand Trial

(Le Mars) -- A judge has ruled an Akron man is competent to stand trial for the murder of his mother.  In a ruling issued Friday morning, Judge Steven Andreasen says that based on the findings of a licensed psychologists and psychiatrist that both evaluated Jonathon Neunaber, they say that Neunaber understands and appreciates the charges and fully understands the possible consequences from those charges.  Neunaber has been charged with the killing of his mother, Esther Neunaber in July of 2014.  Both Esther and her husband, Donald, were found dead at their rural Akron home.  A medical examiner determined that Donald had died of natural causes, where as Esther's death was the result of blunt force trauma.  A trial date has not been scheduled.





Ebert Faces Attempted Murder Charge From Auto Accident

(Le Mars) -- An attempted murder change has been filed against a Cherokee woman who authorities believe intentionally had her car hit another vehicle and caused an accident with injuries.  Plymouth County attorney Darin Raymond this week filed a trial information containing the charges against 28 year old Melissa Ebert. The woman is being charged with two counts of attempted murder, two counts of willful injury, two counts of serious injury by vehicle, and one count of second-offense operating a vehicle while intoxicated.  Her arraignment date is scheduled for February 1st in Plymouth County District Court.  Ebert's attorneys have indicated she will plead not guilty to the charges.  The incident is from an auto accident that occurred on county road C-38 on September 9th when Ebert's vehicle ran into the path of Dustin Boll of Le Mars.  Court records say that Ebert and her passenger Damian Johnson had been arguing prior to the collision.  The accident left all three with serious injuries.  Ebert's vehicle was on fire at the time of the accident and Plymouth County Sheriff's deputies extinguished the flames.  According to documents, Ebert's blood alcohol was at .88 percent. The legal limit is .08.  Ebert has posted bond and is not in custody.  If found guilty, Ebert could face attempted murder charges carries a 25 year prison sentence, willful injury carries a ten year prison sentence, and serious injury by vehicle has a five-year sentence.  The second offense for intoxicated driving could mean up to two years in prison.





School Bus Collides With Truck

SAC COUNTY, Iowa (AP) - A crash involving a school bus sent two students and several other people to the hospital.
Debra Dettman was driving an East Sac County school bus with four children on board Thursday afternoon when they were struck by a truck.
The crash, which happened at the intersection of Highway 20 and Rolf Avenue at 4:17 p.m., sent both vehicles into a ditch.
Dettman was taken to a Sac City hospital. The driver of the truck, 40-year-old August Bach, and his passenger, 38-year-old Jennifer Elliott, also were taken to the Sac City hospital. Their conditions weren't available.
The parents of two of the children took them to a hospital, where they were treated for minor injuries.
Dettman was charged with failure to yield.





Teenager Dies From Auto Accident

MOORHEAD, Iowa (AP) - A teenager has died after being involved in a rollover car crash in western Iowa.
16-year-old Shelby Montange was pronounced dead at the scene of the Friday morning crash outside of Moorhead.
The driver, 15-year-old driver Sidney Solberg, tells the Monona County Sheriff's Office she lost control of the car on black ice and went into a ditch off a county road.
Officials say Solberg and another 12-year-old passenger, Braiden Solberg, were both injured and taken to Burgess Hospital in nearby Onawa for treatment. The two passengers were reportedly not wearing seatbelts when they were thrown from the vehicle. Officials with the sheriff's office say they don't know the extent of the injuries.
Authorities are still investigating the crash.





Cruz Neglects To Report Loan For Senate Campaign

WASHINGTON (AP) - The New York Times is reporting that Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz failed to disclose a loan from Citibank that was used to help finance his successful 2012 Senate campaign. 
The newspaper says the Texas senator sent a letter Thursday to federal election officials acknowledging his failure to report the loan. 
Cruz has been under scrutiny since the Times reported Wednesday that he had failed to report a 2012 campaign loan from Goldman Sachs, where his wife, Heidi Cruz, is an employee. The Times reports that the two bank loans combined totaled as much as $1 million. 
The candidate dismissed the first Times report during Thursday's GOP debate, saying he simply "made paperwork errors."





Work Release Inmate Escapes

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa (AP) - A man placed on work release in Council Bluffs has escaped.
The Department of Corrections says that 32-year-old Roger Madsen was placed on escape status Thursday after failing to return to the Council Bluffs Work Release Facility, a minimum security setting.
Madsen has been serving a 20-year prison sentence with multiple offenses including prohibited acts with controlled substance, two counts of first-degree theft, two counts of voluntary absence, assault with the intent of injury on a peace officer and assault with a weapon on a peace officer.
Madsen was transferred to work release on Jan. 5 and his sentence began in October 2009.
Anyone with information about Madsen's whereabouts should report to the Council Bluffs Police Department of the Pottawattamie County Sheriff's Department.


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