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Here is information on how to protect yourself from the Centers for Disease Control:



A 17-year-old kid near Seattle named Avi Schiffmann started a website in late December that tracks coronavirus cases around the world in real time.  You can check it out at nCoV2019.live.  He intentionally included how many patients have recovered in each country, so people won’t just focus on the negative.


(Le Mars) — A physician at Floyd Valley Healthcare wants to make certain people know the facts as they relate to the spread of the COVID-19, coronavirus. Dr. Steven Meis has been a medical physician in Le Mars for 27 years. Meis says we don’t need to panic, but we do need to be aware, concerned, and cautious of the wide spread virus.

Meis says the other consideration we all need to remember is the coronavirus can mutate and multiply fairly quickly.

Meis says the medical industry is hoping to slow down the rate of exposure and positive cases in Iowa, by having schools, offices, businesses, and other entities being shut down.

The Floyd Valley physician says he hopes the rate of contamination can be maintained at a fairly level pace.

KLEM will feature additional comments from Dr. Meis as he discusses the facts about coronavirus.



Kass Addresses COVID-19 Issue – Courthouse To Remain Open

(Le Mars) — The spread of the COVID-19, coronavirus, is causing several closures of offices and businesses, and other entities. On Tuesday, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds declared a Public Health Disaster Emergency which essentially means that there can be no more than ten people gathered in one
location. In addition, the order means that restaurants and bars must close their doors, unless they distribute food through a drive-through or carry-out. Also closed are fitness centers, theaters, and casinos. Reynolds on Tuesday prohibited mass gatherings and events including parades, festivals, conventions, and fundraisers. Le Mars city administrator, Jason Vacura has
ordered all city facilities to be closed to the public for a duration of 14 days until the end of the month of March. Plymouth County courthouse, as of now, remains open. However, County Supervisor chairman Don Kass says conditions are changing by the hour, and he encourages people to use on-line and postal services.

Being a livestock producer, Kass says he understands how quickly a virus can spread. He says Plymouth County, as of today’s date, hasn’t had any reported cases of the coronavirus, but Kass fears it may be only a matter of time before the first positive case is reported.

Kass says many people may believe health and state government officials are going over-board and exaggerating with their precautions of shutting down schools, and businesses. However, Kass says people simply need to do the math to see what potential dangers may be coming.

The Plymouth County supervisor says the county board has been working closely with county health officials. He asks people to remain calm, and to realize that many people have recovered after contracting the virus.

Kass says there are thousands of people who because of an existing health issue, may be more vulnerable to the contracting of the coronavirus.

The Iowa Department of Public Health says 29 residents have now tested positive for coronavirus.



Floyd Valley Adopts New Policies For COVID-19

(Le Mars) — Due to the spread of the COVID-19, coronavirus, Floyd Valley Healthcare has implemented some new policies and procedures. So far, there have not been any outbreak cases of the coronavirus in Plymouth County. Ann Cole-Nelson serves as the hospital’s Community Relations Director says the
safety of the patients and staff are the top priority. She says the
landscape of the virus is ever changing, so she suggests people frequently check the hospital’s standards.

Cole-Nelson says the hospital has also placed some restrictions with its cafeteria.

The Floyd Valley Community Relations Director says nurses will be staffed at the entrances to help monitor the situation.

Cole-Nelson says hospital officials have been meeting on a frequent basis to stay up to date on the latest information regarding the spread of the coronavirus.

Cole-Nelson wants everyone to know that as of today’s date, Floyd Valley Healthcare has not had anyone testing positive with the COVID-19 virus.



Le Mars Community Board Of Education Calls For Special Meeting

(Le Mars) — The Le Mars Community Board of Education has scheduled another special meeting for this week. School board members will convene at noon today at the Education Service Center. School superintendent, Dr. Steve Webner will update the school board on the latest information regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus. As for action items, the board will consider possible
pay options for hourly wage employees during the coronavirus work stoppage. The Board of Education will also consider revising the school calendar for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.  Under the recommendation of Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, Le Mars Community School District, along with schools across the state, are closed for the next four weeks.



Transit Systems Making Changes Due To Coronavirus

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) – Transit systems in Cedar Rapids and Des Moines have taken steps to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. City of Cedar Rapids Transit buses will carry no more than 10 passengers at a time starting Wednesday in order to minimize contact. Officials encouraged people to limit
usage to essential rides, such as trips to work or to grocery stores. The Des Moines transit system has stopped fare collections and is asking riders who can safely do so to get on and off buses through the back doors. The goal is
to minimize contact between riders and system employees.







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