Fund Drive Donations Enhance Equipment

(LE MARS)–Dollars donated to the Le Mars Fire-Rescue Department’s annual fund drive this summer are improving life safety for fire fighters and citizens.

To show the value of the donations during a quarterly meeting Wednesday night, members of the Le Mars Fire-Rescue Department displayed the department’s new equipment and clothing.

Rescue equipment and ropes, technology for training and reports, and a portable water holding tank for rural fires are among the items added or replaced.

Fire-Rescue Chief David Schipper thanked those who’ve given to the annual fund drive explaining the generosity of donors is very much appreciated.

Fire-rescue equipment is specialized and that adds to the cost of ordinary items such as a fan. Fire-Rescue volunteers use a positive pressure fan to ventilate smoke. Traditional fire fighting tools like an axe were also purchased with fund drive donations.

Hazardous materials equipment and a new thermal imaging camera are at the top of the list of items fire fighters would like to add. The thermal imaging camera helps fire fighters to see through smoke and locate heat sources.

The department added a camera which can help find people still inside buildings during a fire several years ago. The camera’s technology today allows fire fighters to know the actual temperature of fires and other information to protect them and aid in rescues. The price tag for the camera is 27-thousand dollars.

The fund drive began in June and donations may be mailed at any time to Le Mars Fire-Rescue at P-O Box 35 in Le Mars. Donations are only used in the operations budget.

Schipper said someone may also choose to donate funds for a specific item.