Royal Theater: A New Hope

(LE MARS) The Royal 3 Theater in Downtown LeMars should be opening in the next few months. The roof is fixed, the equipment is ordered, the design layout is ready to go AND you can even buy gift cards in time for the holidays.

Eric Hilsabeck is waiting to take posession of the building. He explains why it’s taking so long.

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(Above picture is a representation of the plan for the new marquee)

He feels confident they will take posession by the end of the month and once they do Hilsabeck is confident that they can completely renovate the theater in 45-60 days.

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Hilsabeck adds that the one thing that won’t happen is stadium seating.

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The total number of seats in all 3 theaters will be 360.

Movies will be first run at the renovated Royal 3, and all projectors in the theaters will be digital, with 3-D capabilities. Tickets will be at least 50 cents less than other theaters, but Hilsabeck says prices won’t be concrete until all contracts are done with the theater companies.

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Gift cards are currently available for sale at the Le Mars Chamber of Commerce during regular business hours, and also at the Riviera Theater in downtown Sioux City. Gift Cards can be used at the LeMars theater, once it opens, and at the Riviera.